Stop Funk’n With My Head – Infectious Grooves

Hey hey hey somebody’s always funk’n with your head No matter where you go you know you just can’t stop people from funk’n with your head I was hanging around wasn’t making no sound then you come on down but you say that thing to me With your runny nose and your out-of-date clothes and […]

Die Lika Pig – Infectious Grooves

Every puto has a day and yours is coming! Ain’t no feelin’ sorry ’bout the things I’m gonna do to you! I get prepare, then I roll off to battle Behind the wheel of a six deuce I saddle Round you up like a cowboy does cattle Pull the triger and the Uzi just rattle […]

I’m Gonna Be My King – Infectious Grooves

I didn’t see it-no I didn’t hear it I was just trying to Remember all the things I’ll never know Well I was walking along-and I’m trying to stay strong-but It’s always so hard because something’s going wrond-but I try to remember all the things I’ll never know And then it crashes on down without […]

Frustrated Again – Infectious Grooves

Frustrated again! (4x) Destroy my vision – mental collision. The purpose fading – you keep me waiting Like stuck in traffic – my thoughts go static again Frustrated again! (4x) Start with lying – there’s no denying. My mind starts slippin’ – mentally trippin’ Your apathy – comes right back to me Frustrated again! (4x) […]

Groove Family Cyco – Infectious Grooves

Groove family! (8x) CYCO! No pain – No gain – No luck – No sympathy No hope – No dreams – No peace – Insanity No thrill – No sense – No chance – Kill the enemy We are the down CYCO GROOVE FAMILY Flap yo lips, talkin’ whack, but da fools all be listen […]

Violent & Funky – Infectious Grooves

You want funky? We got funky! Who’s got funky? We got funky! You said funky Violent & funky! Violent & funky (4x) Sticks and stones may break some bones but a.357 gonna blow your damn head off You take the pen and I’ll take the sword, you can write some shit till I cut your […]

You Lie…And Yo Breath Stank – Infectious Grooves

You lie and yo breath stank you lie and yo breath stank Save your time don’t give me that speech And use that time to go brush your teeth A good mouthwash would be a start Cause your breath done smell like your mouth done a fart You lie and yo breath stank So bad […]