Inhuman Desire – Beseech

Reflections of the dead
Eternal life, eternal lust
With patience we must die
I turn away from this world to enter the twilight zone

Lightyears away in a faraway land
Unholy love will die in my hand
As the silence fillsl my head
My prayer will wake it up from the dead

Cold and lonely in another time
Made me realize, what I should do
I walk through the dead in search of life
I will be there, I will be with you

I fell away, in a dark dimension
It opened up its secret to me
Now I’m aware of the evil inside of me
And now I’m aware of what I can be

It felt so great to fall in the dark
It made me feel the one I should be
It felt so great, to open my heart this way

Lyric Inhuman Desire – Beseech