Involuntary Slaughter – Suffocation

Predator with no remorse, cannibalistic killing machine.

Attacking with demise, something to realise.
Stripped of your life, you’ll see, that it’s too late.
To save your fate, trembling of what’s to come.
He’ll testify, then crucify, as you die… in vein.

Eyes torn from their sockets, talons piercing the flesh.
Epidermic layers, torn from my chest.
Fear logged in your larynx, screams of torment trapped inside.
As you are left… left to die.

Bodies lie on the ground, victims of his killing spree.
Left here to die, to signify, his wrath of abolishment.

Corpses that lie, intensify, the way that you die.

Lyric Involuntary Slaughter – Suffocation