In The Time Of Our Lives – Iron Butterfly

Listen to the clock beat as it ticks out time away, And listen to the birds’ laughter as they live for today, And listen to the heart beat as it beats our lives away. These are the things that we hear in our world, and these are the things that we hear in the time […]

Soul Experience – Iron Butterfly

Be yourself and live a little, don’t bother painting your face; Tomorrow it may rain and colors run, better it quench the flowers thirst. Don’t be afraid to live a little, don’t be afraid of the people that belittle our love, oh our love. Open up your thoughts and listen to others, your fellow man […]

In The Crowds – Iron Butterfly

I look for the sun in dire need of someone, somewhere, I look for the sun in dire need of someone, somewhere. Words lost in the past of memories that will never last. My mind wanders the crowds in a search, In the search of the one that I feel is my life, It the […]

The Unconscious Power – Iron Butterfly

The unbelievable is going to happen It will linger in your mind forever Let this carry you wherever – wherever. Triggering The Unconcious power. Removing all your inhibitions Releasing complete freedom of thought Sensations of ev’ry sense will prepare With this you will see ev’ry thing. Triggering The Unconscious power. Triggering The Unconscious power. I […]