Category: IRON FIRE

Warriors Of Steel – Iron Fire

Riding through places where eagles fly Through the valleys seeking for our destiny The path of glory lies across the northern sky Into the kingdom of the evil majesty Lord of Darkness be prepared for war On a holy quest we will ride And strike with power and might Hunting for revenge and the stolen […]

Glory To The King – Iron Fire

This Tale is from the Magic Kingdom Told by Generations About the King’s Crusade Against the Mighty Dragons Many Years of Endless Suffering Still no Sign of the King Now the People are Forced to Serve The Lord of Darkness As a Shadow he is riding through the Night Into Rage, into Battle he Rides […]

Behind The Mirror – Iron Fire

Lyrics by Gunnar Olsen) Look at them fight With magic at night The wizards from the past Look at them burn Look at them die With fire in their eyes Follow the winds of fire Deep down to Hell The dream of flying higher And find the secret bell Where have they gone The creatures […]

When Heroes Fall – Iron Fire

When the men fall to the ground Their rebel parts begin to pound The brothers of the ancient clan Servants of sacred land At dusk they will raise their swords To honour the fallen ones They will drink around the fire In the forest of immortality Their freedom has been taken away But they will […]

Battle Of Freedom – Iron Fire

Hear the drums pound Hear the bell toll The fallen one burns in the sky A journey so long To somewhere beyond The Dark Lord is calling your name Into Battle you ride To set your spirit free And if you die A legend you will be Unchain your spirit Fly with the wind To […]

Rise Of The Rainbow – Iron Fire

I have seen the magic light Shining down on me I have heard the demon cry And the burning witches die Thoughts of darkness, let me out Cause I am on the edge Am I lost or alive Without hope to survive Holy Dragon fly with me To the sky across the sea Guard of […]