Brave New World – Iron Savior

Just like a machine programmed and build to obey serving the system in devotion faithfully day after day Feels your do not know an unpolluted mind In a world free of distress disturbing emotions of any kind The perfect system to maintain mankind the department of thoughts it watches your mind Brave, brave new world […]

Firing The Guns – Iron Savior

Infuriated – electrified Grim and relentless they ride Fighters are launching Onto the stars versing the shadows Armed and ready to strike Starwings engaging The battle is raging Fires in the sky Prepared to die – no time to sigh Thunder roars Ready to course with no remorse Firing the guns – explode and reload […]

Prisoner Of The Void – Iron Savior

Have I returned from the dead a lightning was striking my head Clarity’s filling my mind I am refined Unlock the gate to reality Leaving the maze to be free Tangled in a realm of fantasy and dreams Blinded by delusion and pain I must escape – break the chain Countless years of existence in […]

The Battle – Iron Savior

Reflections of light paint the horizon Silver and weak he is glowing Beauty arises in front of my eyes Were are we going My heart wants to weep The word is goodbye Will I return Oh, will I see it again Will I live – will I die The land has been bleeding in war […]

Protect The Law – Iron Savior

From an ancient past I will bring you the law To protectand to serve I was made for My creators have vanished lost in space and in time I’m the savior device now their battle is mine When I’m looking down on you I see a wasted land and the reason is humanity I must […]

After The War – Iron Savior

Jan: I saw the shadow decline In another world, another time Reflecting battles full of fear So far away from home Death has been near Piet: I fought for liberty and faith For survival of our race The toll of blood it has been high The dead will never see again The sun up in […]

Assailant – Iron Savior

Right out of nowhere you came ghostlike appeared in the sky But all our welcomes were shot down in flames Superior power – invincible arms a faulty assessment, a fatal misjudgement but why you won’t perceive you won’t perceive Obeydience you claim devotion you ask oppression is all that you give preserving the law the […]