Forces Of Rage – Iron Savior

Under the ice we hide from your stare buried in grief and despair We’re the derbies, the scattered remains, leaves […]

For The World – Iron Savior

(Hansi)We’re the defenders, we are the ones Bleeding For all the creatures, the land and the seas give us peace […]

Coming Home – Iron Savior

Lost in the dark millenniums ago Where is the place, Where’s the place called home On fire they rode to […]

Iron Savior – Iron Savior

Out of the cold you’ve been given birth made out of steel to protect and serve build for eternity you’ve […]

Riding On Fire – Iron Savior

Dream the dream of a distant place sheltered and hidden from the human race Long ago leaving everything behind out […]

Seek And Destroy – Iron Savior

Exploitation – Infestation Life’s ectincted – Stars eclipted No light in the black Dark encounter – Alien frontier Suicide mission […]

Starborn – Iron Savior

Bound to the stars, bound to a land Unspoiled and virgin This journey has to end Out in the cold, […]

Forevermore – Iron Savior

Hello, is anybody out there People can’t you hear Can’t you hear my cry Listen it’s time to leave the […]

Deadly Sleep – Iron Savior

(Kai)Welcome back home, it’s been so lomg, we’ve missed you, been searching for honor and glory out in the dark […]

Predators – Iron Savior

They came to take our land and lifes To terminate our race All across the galaxy They leave a deadly […]

Brothers (Of The Past) – Iron Savior

Devastotion – radiation – paralyzing fear Terrorizing demons rising – termination’s here Stratospheric – energetic – drifting on the stream […]

Eye To Eye – Iron Savior

Into the night moonless cold and black Hell is waiting, there is no turning back Suddenly the air was on […]

Break It Up – Iron Savior

(Kie)Out of money and out on the streets this wasn’t yout dream thought you’d make it high to the top […]

Prolog – Iron Savior

civilization of Atlantis to defend themselves against the deadly thread of the so called Alliance. Except the lost continent of […]

Firing The Guns – Iron Savior

Infuriated – electrified Grim and relentless they ride Fighters are launching Onto the stars versing the shadows Armed and ready […]

The Battle – Iron Savior

Reflections of light paint the horizon Silver and weak he is glowing Beauty arises in front of my eyes Were […]

Assailant – Iron Savior

Right out of nowhere you came ghostlike appeared in the sky But all our welcomes were shot down in flames […]