Performer JA RULE

The Life – Ja Rule

[Intro – Hussein Fatal – talking] [woman – harmonizing in background] Yeah my nigga Rule, Hussein Fatal The outlaw don […]

Pain Is Love (Skit) – Ja Rule

(Thunderstorm roaring above and police sirens blaring in the background with a helicopter circling the area above Here we go […]

We Here Now – Ja Rule

Yea We Here Now Don’t Get Scared Now. Ja Rule Nigga bout to tear shit down. What y’all thought y’all […]

Leo (Skit) – Ja Rule

talkin bout! I am the real psychic man! Next caller: Caller: hello miss leo my uh boyfriend is in jail […]

Murder Reigns – Ja Rule

I feel the rain comin down on me niggas, heh {*echoes*} When the sun gon’ shine? {*echoes*} My lord, somebody […]

Gun Talk – Ja Rule

[Chorus] Well bitch niggaz get you of the grind, nigga grab the nine and Well fake niggaz try to cop […]

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