No Bravery – James Blunt

Arms outstretched into the sky, Tears drying on their face. He has been here. Brothers lie in shallow graves. Fathers […]

Shine On – James Blunt

I see it in your eyes… in your eyes I could use the same old lines… but I’ll sing Shine […]

Billy – James Blunt

Holds his head in disgrace (he can’t escape the truth). He knows the price that he’s paid. He admits that […]

Wise Men – James Blunt

Won’t you tell me what the Wise Men said? When they came down from Heaven, Smoked nine ’til seven, All […]

Cry – James Blunt

Resting on the shoulders of your name. Do you see the truth through all their lies? Do you see the […]

Annie – James Blunt

I thought I saw your photograph having such a laugh, in a magazine Did it all come true? then Annie, […]

1973 – James Blunt

“1973” Simona You’re getting older Your journey’s been Etched on your skin Simona Wish I had known that What seemed […]

High – James Blunt

lights up the shore for me. There is nothing else in the world, I’d rather wake up and see (with […]