Light Years – Jamiroquai

You can be light years Away fom a serious intention See I thought I’d change it all Someday I’d get […]

Planet Home – Jamiroquai

Nowhere else I would rather be It’s the only place I know Where you can witness tragedy There’s no time […]

Starchild – Jamiroquai

Starchild You’ve got to do somthing about these Mind crimes The shuffling feet and sad expressions They don’t go, they […]

The Kids – Jamiroquai

Now we’re getting nasty Everybody is talking about the kids The kids have funky soul and groove emotion But if […]

Seven Days – Jamiroquai

In the sand, they’re strange They speak to me like constellations As we lie here There’s a magic I can […]

Falling – Jamiroquai

Sometimes, in the morning When I wake up I, shed a tear I’m hoping Come the night time You open […]

Scam – Jamiroquai

You say you fight to give us freedom But often more than not this is abused And the faces of […]

Funktion – Jamiroquai

What are we gonna do tonight? We should go to a funktion You know I love it Come on and […]

Love Blind – Jamiroquai

Even when I’m walking the dog I’m carefree like this melody Hope this doesn’t take us too long Baby, turn […]

Everyday – Jamiroquai

Yes I do Baby, maybe, we can spend a little time together now that we’re alone So long I have […]

Mr. Moon – Jamiroquai

Whooo Wo Wo now Have you gone astray or lost your way? You should have seen me yesterday, Well I […]

Soul Education – Jamiroquai

I didn’t have time for school Spent my days breaking the rules and regulations And inbetween they’re having fun The […]

Butterfly – Jamiroquai

Little butterfly come back to me Everything that I want written on your face I want it, I want it […]

Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

ah-oh Why-we’re-livin’-in Lemme-tell-ya It’ a wonder man can eat at all When things are big That should be small Who […]

Main Vein – Jamiroquai

I can’t see how you can this time A fistful of lies and a verbal decimation It’s so sad but […]

Talullah – Jamiroquai

Flying out on a jet plane Told me, she won’t be back again And Talullah is her name [Chorus:] Well, […]

Hooked up – Jamiroquai

I’m so glad I got you hooked up on my drug Everybody dance to the music Are you felling well […]

Stop Don’t Panic – Jamiroquai

Life’s the same It’s a suicidal incubator that’s killing my brain There must be some sonic infiltrator making the strain […]

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