Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai

ah-oh Why-we’re-livin’-in Lemme-tell-ya It’ a wonder man can eat at all When things are big That should be small Who can tell what magic spells we’ll be doing for us. And I’m giving all my love to this world Only to be told I can’t see, I can’t breathe No more will we be And […]

Black Devil Car – Jamiroquai

I need to put to use Lets bring this highway down I’m going from z to g When it should be a to b nose so low it just scrapes the ground Can’t you see me i’m over taking All the while im salivating Won’t you let me Push a little thrust up you she […]

Main Vein – Jamiroquai

I can’t see how you can this time A fistful of lies and a verbal decimation It’s so sad but baby keep on trying I got no chains or fancy aspirations But I’ve still got a losing streak I don’t need praise or instant admiration It takes more than you to make me weak What […]

Talullah – Jamiroquai

Flying out on a jet plane Told me, she won’t be back again And Talullah is her name [Chorus:] Well, I got this thing, girl I wanted to say to you Talullah, I’m still missing you Baby, can’t you stop that plane Turn it around, I still love you, baby Tell the captain I’m to […]

Hooked up – Jamiroquai

I’m so glad I got you hooked up on my drug Everybody dance to the music Are you felling well now you caught this bug Everybody dance to the music Think last time I took an overdose Come on dance to the music Made me realise I came too close I bet ya wished you’d […]

Black Crow – Jamiroquai

And wants no part of it at all And as the weeping leaves of Autumn curl He feels the savage winter call See far below the dust of conflict settles on the hill Where there was no escape before And as he spreads his wings and soars up to another level He brings the icy […]

Stop Don’t Panic – Jamiroquai

Life’s the same It’s a suicidal incubator that’s killing my brain There must be some sonic infiltrator making the strain See I’m a high-pressure operator In case the same Stop don’t panic, it’s just a thing I do It’s not so tragic, nothing to hold on to I’m like a tiger in a cage so […]

Love Foolosophy – Jamiroquai

Honey honey, looks like a superstar She’ got a promise of love-struck fascination What am I to do? How am I to know? Who you are And this love, Fool, osophy is killing Previous illusions that I had in my mind about you Seems so true, all the lies you’re telling Tragically compelling and My […]

Feels So Good – Jamiroquai

I’m stranded on a spaceship hideaway And something makes me think I’m here to stay I’m so happy where I am Feels good I’ve journeyed to the other atmospheres And every breath I take just makes it clear I’m holding heaven in my hands It’s automatic baby and it feels good And it feels so […]

Use the Force – Jamiroquai

I must believe I can do anything I can heal anyone I must believe I am the wind (yeah) I am the sea I am the wind I am the sea I am the sun I can be anyone Oh this world is mine For all of time I can turn any stone Call any […]

Alright – Jamiroquai

I need your love I need your love You give me light So tonight take me there I feel your sun Start to glow and I know it Let me show you that I want your love I need your touch For the rest of our time together baby Come fly with me, eternally You […]

Emergency on Planet Earth – Jamiroquai

The kids need education And the streets are never clean I’ve seen a certain disposition, prevailing in the wind, Sweet change if anybody’s listening? Emergency on Planet Earth Is that life that I am witnessing Or just another wasted birth We got emergency Emergency on Planet Earth Think we’re standing for injustice White gets two […]

The Return of the Space Cowboy – Jamiroquai

I’m here again With a sunshine smile upon my face My friends are close at hand And all my inhibitions Have disappeared without a trace I’m glad that I found Somebody who I can rely on This is the return of the space cowboy Interplanetary good vibe zone At the speed of cheeba You and […]

Black Capricorn Day – Jamiroquai

Hey hey Hey hey Let the rain come down on me Hey, hey, hey, hey I see people and they’re craving blood And I’m so rarely understood Well I don’t know what they want from me, It’s gonna take sometime just to let them see I’m going through a black, hey Capricorn day And though […]

Too young to die – Jamiroquai

Don’t want no war, no no no no we’re too young to die, too young to die So many people, All around the world, all around the word Seen their brothers fry. i see your brother fry What’s the motive? In that madness. oh i wish i knew You’ve made my people cry. You’ve made […]

Twenty Zero One – Jamiroquai

I got my mind but I don’t know where my head has gone 2001 – Baby where you been It’s pornographic, Internet, traffic on my screen 2001 – She’s just a maniac It’s not for me but my baby really needs a crack 2001 – Don’t want the sex to stop I took a pill […]

High Times – Jamiroquai

Artist(Band):Jamiroquai Review The Song (0) Print the Lyrics High Times Lyrics 100% Legal MP3 Downloads Send Jamiroquai polyphonic ringtone to your cell phone Written by Jay Kay, Toby Smith, Stuart Zender and Derrick McKenzie You don’t need your name in bright lights You’re a rock star And some thin foil with a glass pipe Is […]

Dynamite – Jamiroquai

Ain’t it cool? Rolling it high, rolling it high Ain’t it cool? She’s looking hot, she’s looking hot In the breeze Flashing those eyes, strutting her stuff Givenchy Baby wants to ride tonight [Chorus:] Well, you sure got the look That the good times come for free Baby I’m not expensive But tonight you’re taking […]

World That He Wants – Jamiroquai

Defy the storm and burn us all Each time his hand waves The sun it sets on lonely graves Haven’t we read this page before We’re gonna lose the war Put down the glory flag Nothing will be the same This is the world he wants Pray for the brave and the young It won’t […]

(Don’t) Give Hate A Chance – Jamiroquai

Could you love me, don’t hate me I don’t see (why can’t we live together) Maybe we could get it on (maybe we could get it on) Should be our destiny There’s a cold streak living (inside us) There’s no rainbows… just bullets and bombs If you want to rise up We can make this […]

King for a Day – Jamiroquai

There’s no way I’m coming back to you I’ve just got to say That everything we did is through You tried to undermine The better ranges of my nature But soon your going to find You should have started talking straighter Now don’t you worry I won’t put you down I’m in no hurry, baby […]

Canned Heat – Jamiroquai

I used to buy my faith in worship, But then my chance TO GET to Heaven slipped I used to worry about the future But then I throw my caution to the wind. I had no reason to be care free No no no, until I took a trip to the other side of town […]

Manifest destiny – Jamiroquai

Four hundred years or more Since you came to crucify They were taken far away from home There were promises of paradise But if they had been told that day They would be sold this way To satisfy the souls of chosen man See I had to look carefully At the shame of my ancestry […]

Little L – Jamiroquai

Trying to get your head around the fact that me and you and love is dead See how I’m trippin’ out ‘Cos you can’t decide what you really want from me Why does it have to be like this? I can never tell You make me love you, love you baby With a Little L […]

If I like it I do it – Jamiroquai

Say that we have all the time we need to make it right Don’t hurry for nobody if it ain’t the thing you like Know your place and fit your space, young man you will conform I didn’t hear my soul express those rules when I was born Cause I’m free to roam cause it’s […]