Even If I Wanted To – Jason Aldean

I can barely think With all of these thoughts Running through my head Wonderin’ if I did you wrong No way, I did you wrong Every night, I try to justify All the angry things I said Oh but I can’t take ’em back No I can’t do that I was wrong, oh but now […]

Hicktown – Jason Aldean

Little Jimmy Jackson is jackin’ up his Bronco He’s gonna lay a little rubber later on at the truck pull All the girls are getting’ pretty sprayin’ on the White Rain Yeah they’re gonna get a rowdy tonight down at the football game Yeah (Chorus:) We let it rip when we got the money Let […]

Johnny Cash – Jason Aldean

Took my name off the payroll “Screw you man” Picked up my cell, rang my baby’s bell Said I’m three miles from home And I said,”Sugar won’t you put on that sundress I like so much” “Wait out by the road I’m coming to pick you up” (Whoahoah)Throw your suitcase in the back (Whoahoah)Done gassed […]

Not Every Man Lives – Jason Aldean

Have you ever hitched a free ride on a train Have you ever climbed up on a water tower To write a name The truth is, Every man dies Not every man lives Have you ever loved someone that you would die for Have you ever walked too far out on a limb Have you […]

Good To Go – Jason Aldean

As a funeral procession made its way Through the gates I watched it roll up a winding road Through a field of green With white headstones All in a row And it made me think about where I’m at On my not so straight and narrow path All the generous and mostly undeserved Blessings that […]