Laughed Until We Cried – Jason Aldean

Found an old yearbook, flipped right to the page Of that senior trip down there on that Panama strip We all started yelling when we smelled the beach Just couldn’t wait to try our fake ids We only had a few days, and a whole lot of memories to make Oh man we were livin, […]

Amarillo Sky – Jason Aldean

Packs a lunch and a thermos full of coffee It’s another day in the dusty haze Those burnin’ rays are wearing down his body And diesel’s worth the price of gold And it’s the cheapest grain he’s ever sold But he’s still holding on CHORUS He just takes the tractor another round And pulls the […]

Do You Wish It Was Me – Jason Aldean

When the sun slowly chases the moon from the sky And touches your face as you open your eyes What are you thinking? Do you like what you see? Is it all that you dreamed of or do you wish it was me? Is the life that you chosen free from regret? Or is what […]

Lonesome USA – Jason Aldean

And I turned around In a field of fireflies makin’ such a lonely sound As my headlights flashed on a mailbox by the road I realized that I was livin’ in a new zip code CHORUS Well I’m livin’ in Lonesome USA Population one since yesterday Livin’ and dyin’ in the hell I made Since […]

Even If I Wanted To – Jason Aldean

I can barely think With all of these thoughts Running through my head Wonderin’ if I did you wrong No way, I did you wrong Every night, I try to justify All the angry things I said Oh but I can’t take ’em back No I can’t do that I was wrong, oh but now […]

Hicktown – Jason Aldean

Little Jimmy Jackson is jackin’ up his Bronco He’s gonna lay a little rubber later on at the truck pull All the girls are getting’ pretty sprayin’ on the White Rain Yeah they’re gonna get a rowdy tonight down at the football game Yeah (Chorus:) We let it rip when we got the money Let […]

Johnny Cash – Jason Aldean

Took my name off the payroll “Screw you man” Picked up my cell, rang my baby’s bell Said I’m three miles from home And I said,”Sugar won’t you put on that sundress I like so much” “Wait out by the road I’m coming to pick you up” (Whoahoah)Throw your suitcase in the back (Whoahoah)Done gassed […]

Not Every Man Lives – Jason Aldean

Have you ever hitched a free ride on a train Have you ever climbed up on a water tower To write a name The truth is, Every man dies Not every man lives Have you ever loved someone that you would die for Have you ever walked too far out on a limb Have you […]

Good To Go – Jason Aldean

As a funeral procession made its way Through the gates I watched it roll up a winding road Through a field of green With white headstones All in a row And it made me think about where I’m at On my not so straight and narrow path All the generous and mostly undeserved Blessings that […]