Performer JASON MRAZ

Dead End – Jason Mraz

well i show affection but it’s creeping up creeping up on me in another direction i love a ride and […]

O. Lover – Jason Mraz

we could change our minds that seems to be the hardest topic at this time uh we sitting around in […]

Bright Eyes – Jason Mraz

Bright lights, big city Was quite extraordinary. The drive was pretty. I was in perfect company. The love of a […]

You And I Both – Jason Mraz

Oh things are gonna happen naturally And taking your advice I’m looking on the bright side And balancing the whole […]

Love For A Child – Jason Mraz

Looks like Jesus and his friends involved There’s a party getting started in the yard There’s a couple getting steamy […]

Butterfly – Jason Mraz

I’m your pole and all you’re wearing is your shoes You got soul, you know what to do to turn […]

Unfold – Jason Mraz

Hands in line Arms close to my side I’m fighting tides of an ocean’s undertow And I figure I might […]

Hey Love – Jason Mraz

Hey love, where you going to? You’re not sleeping anymore, you’re just trying to. Stay love, where you running to? […]

Wordplay – Jason Mraz

i’ve been a new sensation but it doesn’t really matter in this ge-generation the sophmore slump is an uphill battle […]

Did I Fool Ya? – Jason Mraz

Daddy songs he’s an auctioneer And mother clings to anniversary years And the sister she got a little bit of […]

Better – Jason Mraz

it’s something i still can’t decide but i know it gets better it only gets better and i want to […]

Clockwatching – Jason Mraz

shoes and clothes, i’ll follow undo corkscrew drink from half of a broken bottle lately we’re running out of time, […]