Dark Ages – Jethro Tull

said the lady in her parlour said the butler in the hall. Is there time for another? said the drunkard in his sleep. Not likely said the little child. What’s done the Lord can keep. And the vicar stands a-praying And the television dies as the white dot flickers and is gone and no-one stops […]

Dogs In The Midwinter – Jethro Tull

when things are stacked up bad? You look around and every face you see seems guaranteed to send you mad. And you peer into those hallowed institutions. And they bark at you from every side. But the bite goes wide. I see them running with their tails hanging low like dogs in the midwinter. The […]

From A. Dead Beat To An Old Greaser – Jethro Tull

Here’s thinking of you You won’t remember the long nights Coffee bars; black tights and white thighs in shop windows Where blonde assistants fully-fashioned A world made of dummies (with no mummies or daddies to reject them) When bombs were banned every Sunday And the Shadows did FBI And tired young sax-players their instruments of […]

Pussy Willow – Jethro Tull

She sighs and shifts on the pillow And across her face dancing, the first shadows fly To kiss the Pussy Willow. In her fairy-tale world she’s a lost soul singing In a sad voice nobody hears She waits in her castle of make – believing For her white knight to appear. Pussy Willow – down […]

Radio Free Moscow – Jethro Tull

Lock on to the ether – squeeze the signal through and through War of the air-waves making scare-waves. I’m getting pictures from my radio. Moscow Radio. Voice of America – symbol of the free Mine of disinformation pleading sympathy Down in the cold-war games forever naming names I’m getting pictures from my Radio (Free Moscow) […]

Songs From The Wood – Jethro Tull

To make you feel much better than you could know – ust you down from tip to toe – Show you how the garden grows – Hold you steady as you go – Join the chorus if you can: It’ll make of you an honest man. Let me bring you love from the field: Poppies […]

Protect And Survive – Jethro Tull

8 lbs. of over pressure wave seemed to glue him to the wall They said protect and you’ll survive E. M. P. took out the radio – ( and our milkman didn’t call ) Flash blinded by the pretty lights, didn’t see his bottles fall Or feel the warm black rain arrive Big friendly cloud […]

Roots To Branches – Jethro Tull

Old meanings move in the drift of time. Lift the flickering torches. See gentle shadows change The features of the faces cut in unmoving stone. Bad mouth on a prayer day, hope no-ones listening. Roots down in the wet clay, branches glistening. True disciples carrying that message To colour just a little with their personal […]

White Innocence – Jethro Tull

Didn’t look like any summer of love: just a thousand weekend warriors in a muddy field. She was the hand to fit my glove. Funny thing, the innocence of the lonely. Funny thing, the charm of the young. See how she moves just like two angels (in white innocence). Yet one of them is on […]

Crazed Institution – Jethro Tull

Just a little 3-chord trick embedded in your platform soul You can wear a gold Piaget on your Semaphore wrist You can dance the old adage with a new dapper twist And you can ring a crown of roses round your cranium Live and die upon your cross of platinum Join the crazed institution of […]

Hunting Girl – Jethro Tull

by where the hounds ran hard And on the master raced behind, the hunters chased to where the pass was barred. One fine young lady’s refused the tence to clear I un-locked the gatebut she did wait until the pack had disappeared. Crop-handle carved in bone, sat high upon a throne of finest Engleesh leather […]

The Rattlesnake Trail – Jethro Tull

And I’m falling on my head, lifting feet on lead – Now it’s got me baying at the moon. Well, there’s a race on for tomorrow. I’m stretching out for what might have been. Going to come out from the night, get my second sight – Play round – you know what I mean. I’m […]

Lap Of Luxury – Jethro Tull

Rent man called twice today I hope some day you’ll find me In the Lap Of Luxury Searched for a new apartment But they drow on trees Just want to lay my head In the Lap Of Luxury Stepped out on a new horizon Felt a new spring in my feet Found a job, it […]

Rocks On The Road – Jethro Tull

Ship’s lights, green eyes glowing in the dark. Two young cops handing out a beating: know how to hurt and leave no mark. Down in the half-lit bar of the hotel there’s a call for the last round of the day. Push back the bar stool, take that elevator ride. Fall in bed and kick […]

Undressed To Kill – Jethro Tull

Pull a cnair up to the table, have to look the other way. What kind of place am I in? And who’s this over here? Shaking through the silver bubbles climbing through my beer. Won’t let it move me, but I can’t sit still. Could you meet the eyes of a working girl Undressed to […]

The Whaler’s Dues – Jethro Tull

It’s the whaler’s dues. I’ve been running borrowed time, if truth’s to be told. Two whales in the ocean, cruising the night Search for each other before we turn out thir light. Been accused of deep murder on thee North Atlantic swell But I have three hungry children and a young wife as well. And […]

Gold-Tipped Boots, Black Jacket And Tie – Jethro Tull

My head won’t deliver. Well, I’m sold down the river. But I’m turning again. And I’m turning again. Wearing gold-tipped boots, black jacket and tie. Well, I’ve been second to none: this horse was ready to run. Now I’m has-been and used: disarmed and de-fused but I’m turning again. Yes, ‘n’ I’m turning again. I’m […]

Cross-Eyed Mary – Jethro Tull

a beggerman, a thief if he had a rich man in his hand. Who would steal the candy from a laughing baby’s mouth if he could take it from the money man. Cross-eyed Mary goes jumping in again. She signs no contract but she always plays the game. Dines in Hampstead village on expense accounted […]