Performer JEWEL

Medley – Jewel

When i was a seeker / i sought both night and day / i asked the lord to help me […]

Run 2 U – Jewel

Get in my arms, give me some joy I wanna hold u tonight It’ll be alright ‘Cause the night is […]

Satellite – Jewel

Cute guys in crew cuts with the day goes to bars There’s a pretty lady in a bikini Her eyes […]

Again and Again – Jewel

I need you to hear. I cannot disappear I’ve tried again and again and again. I know we said That […]

Yes U Can – Jewel

See the boys with all their dolls A pretty maze, like candied streets U feel a thrill when your eyes […]

Stephenville, TX – Jewel

By wearing floral print and suede Fixing their hairdos with PC, chemical-free hairspray Martha Stewart taught them to make on […]

Hands – Jewel

It would be that we’re all ok And not to worry ’cause worry is wasteful And useless in times like […]

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