Performer JEWEL

Satellite – Jewel

Cute guys in crew cuts with the day goes to bars There’s a pretty lady in a bikini Her eyes […]

Again and Again – Jewel

I need you to hear. I cannot disappear I’ve tried again and again and again. I know we said That […]

Yes U Can – Jewel

See the boys with all their dolls A pretty maze, like candied streets U feel a thrill when your eyes […]

Stephenville, TX – Jewel

By wearing floral print and suede Fixing their hairdos with PC, chemical-free hairspray Martha Stewart taught them to make on […]

Hands – Jewel

It would be that we’re all ok And not to worry ’cause worry is wasteful And useless in times like […]

A Long Slow Slide – Jewel

The geeks and the freaks all light cigarettes and laugh at your misery While the white of the curtain closing […]

Morning Song – Jewel

Let the world spin outside our door, you’re the only one that I wanna see Tell your boss you’re sick, […]

Doin’ Fine – Jewel

We are young And carefree Life’s a breeze for people like u and me If U look Life lays out […]

Face Of Love – Jewel

My heart was just half full I’d never known the fruit which fed the soul But now i see what […]

Don’t – Jewel

Don’t talk so sweet, don’t sing Don’t lay oh so near Please, don’t let me fall in love with you […]

Near You Always – Jewel

And they make my core tremble Don’t think you realize the effect you have over me And please don’t look […]

Winter Wonderland – Jewel

Sleighbells ring, are you list’nin? In the lane snow is glist’nin A beautiful sight We’re happy tonight Walkin’ in a […]

Kiss The Flame – Jewel

Let it all fall away That’s not crucial now I want a brave love One that makes me weak in […]

Gloria – Jewel

Gloria in excelsis deo / laudamus te / kyrie eleison / agnus dei /gloria Gloria in excelsis deo / christe […]

Good Day – Jewel

Self, why are you awake again? It’s one a. m. Standing with the fridge door wide open, staring Such a […]

Barcelona – Jewel

Where the winds all blew The churches don’t have windows But the graveyards do Me and my shadow Are wrestling […]

Down So Long – Jewel

I’m a thousand miles from anywhere And my pocketbook and my heart Both just got stolen And the sun acts […]

Amen – Jewel

Hair aflame, wild look in your eyes Naked belly to the ground A forest fire nibbles at your veins Crawls […]

Intuition – Jewel

In a high tech digital world I really try to understand All the powers that rule this land They say […]

Deep Water – Jewel

Your hopes in the sky but your heart like grape gum on the ground And you try to scrape yourself […]

U & Me = Love – Jewel

2 a psychedelic beat I’m a real girl In an unreal world Disco lights and buff bodies are nice I’m […]

Haunted – Jewel

In the still of the night And I will crush u With the burden of sight And u will understand […]

2 Become 1 – Jewel

Messy hair, chest bare, moonlight on your skin I wanna breathe u in In the silence, words come easy I […]

Jupiter – Jewel

In her half-baked shell Understood the nature Of love very well She said, “a good love is delicious You can’t […]

Sweet Temptation – Jewel

Dark woods; starless night Feel cold air in my lungs Full moon, u follow me-u say “Why do hearts so […]

O Holy Night – Jewel

The stars are brightly shining It is the night Of our dear savior’s birth Long lay the world In sin […]

Adrian – Jewel

Things just haven’t been the same around here And people talk and people stare Oh, Adrian, come out and play […]

Foolish Games – Jewel

You were always crazy like that I watched from my window, Always felt i was outside looking in on you […]

Daddy – Jewel

I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t eat as good as I should, Daddy What’s that say about me? Sometimes […]

Pieces Of You – Jewel

She’s an ugly girl, do you want to kick in her face? She’s an ugly girl, she doesn’t pose a […]

Drive to You – Jewel

Look for answers on a hotel ceiling When did my heart first feel this way? Being alone used to be […]