No Time to Cry – Joe Nichols

a year ago today the rooster started crowing when they carried dad away there beside my mother in the livingroom I stood with my brother and my sister knowin dad was gone for good Then I, I hung around just long enough to lay him in the ground then I caught a plane to do […]

I Wish That Wasn’t All – Joe Nichols

I hadn’t heard that voice in way too long I’ve still got those worn out tapes The only three or four he made, what a shame I wish that wasn’t all Hearin’ that song took me back to my senior year The year I asked Mary Ellen Mayfield to the prom She agreed to go […]

Man With A Memory – Joe Nichols

Ask anyone around here But some nights his eyes are far away And filled with tears Sweet Mary Lou’s just as good as they come With a weakness for all the wrong men From the look on her face tonight She’s been wrong again Bartender’s thinkin’ to himself As he rubs his towel around a […]

Joe’s Place – Joe Nichols

Where some of us go When the hard working day is through Through the neon and smoke We laugh and tell jokes And throw down a cold one or two There’s a jukebox that’s full of records By Willie, Haggard and Jones There’s a picture of Elvis and ol’ John Wayne Hanging side by side […]

Things Like That (These Days) – Joe Nichols

how to work on that old truck when it needed fixin how to say sir and how to say mam how their ain’t nothing wrong with getting dirt on your hands [Chorus] have mercy on all of the kids out there who haven’t been raised to even care about things like that these days his […]

Singer in a Band – Joe Nichols

If you want me to God knows I love singing It’s what I was born to do You see me up there center stage In the spotlight for awhile But in the things that really matter I’m just sitting on the isle Cuz I’ve seen a third grade angel with Dark circles ‘neath her eyes […]

In Spite of Myself – Joe Nichols

And time I forget to call It’s true I might argue at the drop of a hat Or make a big deal out of nothing at all I’m not much for rules but I’m faithful and true She knows on the inside I’m good What she sees in me ain’t half as important As what […]

Farewell Party – Joe Nichols

is gone from my body and my lips are as cold as the sea when my friends gather round for my farewell party won’t you pretend you love me There’ll be flowers from those who’ll cry when I go and leave you in this old world alone I know you’ll have fun at my farewell […]

The Impossible – Joe Nichols

Checked underneath my bed He could lift me with one arm Way up over top his head He could loosen rusty bolts With a quick turn of his wrench He pulled splinters from his hand And never even flinched In thirteen years I’d never seen him cry But the day that grandpa died, I realized […]

If Nobody Believed In You – Joe Nichols

He hadn’t tried to swing at all. I guess he’d had all that he could take, He walked away, for goodness sake. His father’s voice was loud an’ mean: “You won’t amount to anything.” That little boy quit tryin’, He just walked away. There were teardrops on his face. Tell me, how would you feel? […]

Wal-Mart Parking Lot – Joe Nichols

We’ve got a two-way street wehre everybody runs Big silver moon shines through the pines Just about says it for our sky line No one’s complaining about nothing changing here Local paper has a page or two Just about covers the hometown news One kind of button on the radio dial Crankin’ out country for […]

Independent Girl – Joe Nichols

Anytime night or day Well she keeps her motor running and her tops down sunning The girl she’s got her ways I said the wind blows through her hair and she ain’t got a care In this old weary world Well I guess you could say that in her own way She’s an independant girl […]

To Tell You the Truth, I Lied – Joe Nichols

Ten minutes more and I’d of been gone Out somewhere painting the town Since your here face to face You’ve got a few things you want to set straight On all of the rumors you say I’ve been spreading around Yeah I said I’m glad it’s over to tell you the truth If you haven’t […]

If I Ever Get Her Back – Joe Nichols

about a million times a day oh I’m gonna do everything I wouldn’t do I’m gonna staighten up my act If I ever get her back I’m gonna break these old habits just like I broke her heart it took her walking out for me to figure out how to keep our love on track […]

Revelation – Joe Nichols

a nineteen year old soldier stumbled from a bar room he said I must be seeing things that bourbon hit me like a baseball bat In Belfast, Ireland a little lady dropped her shovel in her garden as she raced across her yard to ask her neighbor Mrs. Clancy “what was that?” In Memphis, Tennessee […]

You Ain’t Heard Nothin’ Yet – Joe Nichols

Sat and stared into yesterday I sat down beside him and said “Thank God for this quite place Between the wife and teh kids, the TV and the phone It seems there’s something always goin’ on” He said, “Son, if you think this is quite You should follow me home” Chorus: ‘Cause you ain’t heard […]