A Hundred And Ten In The Shade – John Fogerty

Way out there in the cotton Sun beatin’ down so hard Sweat rollin’ of this shovel Diggin’ in the devil’s bone yard Sure like a cool drink of water Soft rag to soothe my face Sure like a woman to talk to in this place It’s a hundred and ten Hundred and ten in the […]

Knockin’ On Your Door – John Fogerty

Got so far apart; And it seems like just the other day we were happy, Holdin’ hands in the dark. Here i’m standin’ out in the rain, With a heart full of pain. Chorus: baby here i am, knockin’ on your door. Baby here i am, knockin’ on your door. Ooh! oh girl i’m beggin’, […]

Workin’ On A Building – John Fogerty

I’m workin’ on a building, i’m workin’ on a building, I’m workin’ on a building, for my lord, for my lord. If iiiiiiiiiiiiii were a drunkard, tell you what i’d do, I’d quit my drinkin’, and work on a building too. Chorus: I’m workin’ on a building, i’m workin’ on a building, I’m workin’ on […]

Rambunctious Boy – John Fogerty

My oh my I’m a restless guy Got a home everywhere I go Well I ain’t good lookin’ And I ain’t so smart But baby I’m a sensitive guy I ain’t done everything there is to do But I’ll damn sure give it a try I’m a lookin’ I’m a lookin’ For a big time […]

Honey Do – John Fogerty

Honey do this Honey do that Work all day in The Honey Do Patch Woman oh woman What’s a-wrong with you? I can’t get away from The Honey Do Well way back in history about a half million years Back in the cradle of civilized fear Saturday morning the cave man’s wife First spoke the […]

Headlines – John Fogerty

I read it in the paper today, Two cats howlin’ ’til the break of day. Up on the back fence, they’re makin’ a play; One stepped across the line, the other blew him away. Up in the morning, down the road ‘n i’m gone; Been with my sweetie, we was up all night long. My […]

California Blues (blue Yodel #4) – John Fogerty

I’m goin’ to california, where they sleep out every night, yeah. I’m leavin’ you, mama, ’cause you know you don’t treat me right. Let me tell you somethin’, mama that you don’t know, Let me tell you somethin’, good gal that you don’t know, Yeah, i’m a do-right papa, and got a home everywhere i […]

Joy Of My Life – John Fogerty

I know you got to have your rest She says, ‘Come lay beside me, I’ve been waitin’ since you left’ She’s sweet to me Must be the luckiest man alive And did I tell you baby You are the joy of my life First time that I saw you Ooh, you took my breath away […]

Sail Away – John Fogerty

I see the silent ship, and it’s calling you and i; And if you listen close, the reasons all come clear; I’m ready now to go, there’s nothing left to fear. Oh there’s nothing left to fear. Leavin’ all of this pain behind, gonna sail away; Lettin’ all of these chains unwind, gonna steal away. […]

I Will Walk With You – John Fogerty

I will walk with you Every step of the way Love you all my life Love you everyday No matter where you wander No matter what you do Come what may I will walk with you I will walk with you And treasure every smile No matter what the fashion You’ll always be my style […]

Southern Streamline – John Fogerty

Old flame Sweet desire Comin’ on the midnight Comin’ on the midnight train Rollin’ steel and thunder Bring my baby back again Roll on down the line Big wheels rollin’ right on time Hear that whistle blowin’ Hear that engine roar and whine Take care of my baby Ridin’ on that southern streamline Well I […]

Almost Saturday Night – John Fogerty

And i know that motor wagon is ready to fly, ’cause it’s almost saturday night. Bye bye, tomorrow, jody’s gone to the rodeo, And you know some good old boys are ready to ride, ’cause it’s almost saturday night. Chorus: Gonna push the clouds away, let the music have it’s way, Let it steal my […]

Bring It Down To Jelly Roll – John Fogerty

Well, if you want To ease your mind You just go on Take it to the river When you’re down Well, that’s alright You just bring it down to jelly roll We’re gonna run A-jump and shout We’re gonna slide Way back in the country There’s a place Where they treat you right You just […]

Rockin’ All Over The World – John Fogerty

Well, a-here-ee-yup, a-here-ee-yup, a-here we go, Four in the mornin’, justa hittin’ the road, Here we go-oh! rockin’ all over the world! yeah. Well, a-geedeeup, a-geedeeup, a-get away, We’re goin’ crazy, and we’re goin’ today, here we go-oh! Rockin’ all over the world! Chorus: Well i like it, i like it, i like it, i […]

Flyin’ Away – John Fogerty

Through the night, and far across the sky, There’s another light, you know i must fly. Far, far away. Well i feel it now, somehow in me, the power of flight should appear, I hear a song callin’ my name, and i might be wrong, but i’m goin’ just the same. Far, far away. Well […]

Lonely Teardrops – John Fogerty

Lonely teardrops, why do you never dry? Lonely teardrops, come home, come ho-oo-oh-oo-oh-ome, Just say you will, say you will. say you will! ah, yeah! Chorus Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, oh, oh, come ho-oo-oh-oo-oh-ome, Just say you will, say you will, say you will, say you will, say you will. Chorus Chorus Say you will, […]

Where The River Flows – John Fogerty

I was walkin’ the main road, comin’ into town, I came upon a stranger, lying on the ground. He said “i been in prison, and now i’m on the run, I’m feelin’ kinda weary, gotta make it home.” Chorus: Where the river flows, where the water goes, I’ll be over there, waitin’ over there, where […]

Centerfield – John Fogerty

We’re born again, there’s new grass on the field. A-roundin’ third, and headed for home, it’s a brown-eyed handsome man; Anyone can understand the way i feel. Chorus: Oh, put me in, coach – i’m ready to play today; Put me in, coach – i’m ready to play today; Look at me, i can be […]

The Wall – John Fogerty

A ghostly figure on the ground, fallen to his knees. Chorus: And the wall gets higher, so you could not see, I said the wall gets higher, so you could not see. Well the lightning flash, the cannon roar, the ground begin to shake, The people wondered but they heard no more, but the big […]

Travelin’ High – John Fogerty

Back in the alley, lookin’ like a long-lost friend, oh yeah. I know for certain there won’t be no jive, We’re back in business, and you know i can fly, fly, fly. Oh my my, travelin’ high! yeah. Hey, hey, it’s been a long long time, yeah, But if it’s all right, you know you’re […]