See My Side – Jordin Sparks

To think of a way To find the words to make sense Of how we behave This might take a while So please just hear me out We know how things can get crazy When we go ablaze We just get carried away Believe me, I know Don’t even say a word Now please just […]

Freeze – Jordin Sparks

Just so I remember how you’re looking tonight Let it go, now the days gone Standing in the dark, although we’ve turned on the lights Tonight we will deny, that time is passing by It’s leaving you and I to… Freeze A moment, it’s never been better Freeze All over, we won’t last forever You […]

Whenever – Jordin Sparks

Chorus: Whenever you want, wherever you need, whatever you wish for, whatever you dream, I’ll bring it to you, wherever you are. I won’t be that far. Oh, whenever you heart breaks, just call my name, wherever you are, whatever you want, whenever you need. (Repeat Chorus) Verse 2: The days will come, the years […]

Let Me Love You – Jordin Sparks

Chorus: Let me love you. Let me love you like (repeat line 3x) that, yeah. You’ll never be loney, baby if you only, let me love you. Let me love you like that, yeah. Verse 2: You don’t know how much I hate it, when you’re not appreciated. She doesn’t have a clue. The kind […]

Now You Tell Me – Jordin Sparks

I don’t know, what to say, to make it, better Seeing you like this, down and hurt, so badly When you have been, so kept, together [Hook:] What’s this All this time, I thought, you didn’t, need me Now I’ve gone, from you, and now, you tell me [Chorus:] You’re in love, but, that’s not, […]

A Broken Wing – Jordin Sparks

The last man on Earth Gave hime everything she ever had He’d break her spirit down Then come lovin’ up to her Give a little, then take it back She’d tell him about her dreams He’d just shoot ’em down Lord he loved to make her cry “You’re crazy for believin’ You’ll ever leave the […]

Bottom Of The Sea – Jordin Sparks

Chorus: If they’re only words just say them. How much can they really mean? What good are deep emotions floating at the bottom of the sea? If they’re only strings just play them. Dance around the room with me. What good are deep emotions floating at the bottom of the sea, bottom of the sea. […]

Permanent Monday – Jordin Sparks

There’s a canopy of stars And I just miss you like crazy Suddenly the world’s too big And the hours move too slow And I just wish that you were holding me near Seven days, it feels like a year You whisper through the line You know I miss you like crazy So baby can […]