Performer K D-LANG

Get Some – K. d. Lang

looking for some along the way sometimes you wonder why it seems love just passes by sometimes you wonder when […]

Big Boned Gal – K. d. Lang

from southern alberta you just couldn’t call her small and you can bet every saturday night she’d be heading for […]

Hanky Panky – K. d. Lang

Mean to meet behind the barn in 5 I’ll be waiting with a sweet surprise Oooh… Folks might wonder where […]

Curiosity – K. d. Lang

stumbled through the door tripping over expectations she never knew before then, curiosity turns her gaze to me i think […]

Sunday – K. d. Lang

The one day, I revere Sunday, Sunday Let no one-interfere Six days a week, waiting I spend waiting-to be spending […]

Save Me – K. d. Lang

Save me from you But pave me The way to you Lead me upon the captive free Gracious and tame […]

This – K. d. Lang

i come running to give you a world full of me and if then you find there is one thing […]

Shadowland – K. d. Lang

Just a shadow in the dawn That breaks in the sand A shadow lost in shadowland My poor hear just […]

Up To Me – K. d. Lang

I’m not sure just where I’m at I’m losing touch w/ what I’m trying to be I need someone to […]

Acquiesce – K. d. Lang

this trial of faith that we go through the fuel of our oppressions is the fuel of freedom too oooh […]

Walflower Waltz – K. d. Lang

leaning with surface lament not one whispered word nor crack of a smile emotions as solid cement there’s no need […]

Thread – K. d. Lang

One becomes a skeptic, one is vulnerable It’s sad to me how quickly we define what’s wrong with yours is […]

Maybe – K. d. Lang

maybe i’m confused maybe i’ve misconstrued maybe be i… love you maybe i am dreaming maybe i am doomed maybe […]

Summerfling – K. d. Lang

anticipation’s making me high the smell of sunday in our hair we ran on the beach with kennedy flair sweet […]

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