Performer KANYE WEST

Addiction – Kanye West

KanYe (Female Voice) Why everything that’s supposed to bad make me feel so good? Everything they told me not to […]

Skit #2 – Kanye West

(We ain’t got it) Broke, broke, broke phi broke (We ain’t got it) Don’t spend no money Ain’t got no […]

Half Price – Kanye West

(first of all, this song right here got…) You say what is it that you want? (…a long ass intro) […]

Get Em High – Kanye West

[Kanye West] I’m tryin to catch the beat, uh I’m tryin to catch the beat I’m tryin to catch the […]

Doing Fine – Kanye West

To make the middle west blow like the middle east PEACE Peace, couldn’t afford the S-Class So I had to […]

Celebration – Kanye West

It’s a celebration, bitches! Grab a drink, grab a glass After that I grab yo ass Why you actin’ all […]

Muzik – Kanye West

You ready? [Knoc-Turn’al] Yes, ha ha ha Yeah, yeah Let’s go, I like singing [Knoc-Turn’al] My music, my life, my […]

Wow – Kanye West

I go to Jacob wit 25 thou, you go wit 25 hundred, wow I got eleven plaques on my wall […]

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