Performer KATE BUSH

Cloudbusting – Kate Bush

I wake up crying. You’re making rain, And you’re just in reach, When you and sleep escape me. You’re like […]

Nocturn – Kate Bush

Sweet dreams… On this Midsummer might Everyone is sleeping We go driving into the moonlight Could be in a dream […]

The big sky – Kate Bush

At the ground, Missing. But I never go in now. I’m looking at the Big Sky. I’m looking at the […]

Wow – Kate Bush

We’re all alone on the stage tonight. We’ve been told we’re not afraid of you. We know all our lines […]

Army Dreamer – Kate Bush

Army dreamers. “mammy’s hero.” “b. f. p. o.” “mammy’s hero.” Our little army boy Is coming home from b. f. […]

Sunset – Kate Bush

In a sea of honey A sky of honey Whose shadow, long and low Is slipping out of wet clothes? […]

Hello earth – Kate Bush

“Roger that, Dan, I’ve got a solid TACAN locked on, uh, TACAN twenty-three.” “The, uh, tracking data, map data and […]

Leave It Open – Kate Bush

My babbling mouth would wash it up. (But now I’ve started learning how,) I keep it shut. My door was […]

Feel It – Kate Bush

You took me back to your parlour. A little nervous laughter Locking the door. My stockings fall Onto the floor. […]

The Fog – Kate Bush

He said, “Just put your feet down child, ‘Cause you’re all grown up now.” Just like a photograph, I pick […]

Pi – Kate Bush

With an obsessive nature and deep fascination For numbers And a complete infatuation with the calculation Of PI Oh he […]

Joanni – Kate Bush

And the flags stop flying And the silence comes over Thousands of soldiers Thousands of soldiers Who is that girl? […]

Violin – Kate Bush

Ready to carry me over, Over the quavers, drunk in the bars, Out of the realm of the orchestra, Out […]

Egypt – Kate Bush

Deep to much deeper. The Pyramids sound lonely tonight. The sands run red In lands of the Pharoahs. Their symmetry […]

A Coral Room – Kate Bush

Fisherman net And in the half light, in the half light It looks like every tower Is covered in webs […]

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