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The Kick Inside – Kate Bush

Oh, do you know you have the face of a genius? I’ll send your love to zeus. Oh, by the time you read this, I’ll be well in touch. I’m giving it all in a moment or two. I’m giving it all in a moment, for you. I’m giving it all, giving it, giving it. […]

Hammer Horror – Kate Bush

But now you’re gone. So who knows all the sights Of Notre Dame? They’ve got the stars for the gallant hearts. I’m the replacement for your part. But all I want to do is forget You, friend. Hammer Horror, Hammer Horror, Won’t leave me alone. The first time in my life, I leave the lights […]

Moving – Kate Bush

Does it really matter, As long as you’re not afraid to feel? Touch me, hold me. How my open arms ache! Try to fall for me. How i’m moved. How you move me With your beauty’s potency. You give me life. Please don’t let me go. You crush the lily in my soul. Moving liquid […]

Under ice – Kate Bush

Everywhere, so white. The river has frozen over. Not a soul on the ice. Only me skating fast. I’m speeding past trees, Leaving little lines in the ice, Splitting, splitting sound, Silver heels spitting, spitting snow. (“Sonar says…[inaudible]…deep…[inaudible]”) There’s something moving Under, under the ice, Moving under ice, Through water, Trying to get out of […]

Sat In Your Lap – Kate Bush

And see it working for them. And so I want to join in, But then I find it hurts me. Some say that knowledge is something sat in your lap. Some say that knowledge is something that you never have. I see the people happy, So can it happen for me? ‘Cause when I am […]

Breathing – Kate Bush

Gets inside Through her skin. I’ve been out before But this time it’s much safer in. Last night in the sky, Such a bright light. My radar send me danger But my instincts tell me to keep Breathing, (“out, in, out, in, out, in…”) Breathing, Breathing my mother in, Breathing my beloved in, Breathing, Breathing […]

There Goes A Tenner – Kate Bush

Okay, remember That we have just allowed Half an hour To get in, do it, and get out. The sense of adventure Is changing to danger. The signal has been given. I go in. The crime begins. My excitement Turns into fright. All my words fade. What am I gonna say? Mustn’t give the game […]

Don’t push your foot on the heartbrake – Kate Bush

She’s stopped the light Shining out of her eyes. Emma’s been run out on. She’s breaking down In so many places, Stuck in low gear Because of her fears Of the skidding wheels, (The skid of her wheels she feels.) Skidding wheels, (The skid of her wheels she feels.) Spinning wheels. (Wheel-skidding feeling.) Her heart […]

Watching you without me – Kate Bush

(“It’s four, five, six, seven…”) You can’t hear me. You can’t hear me. You can’t hear what I’m saying. You can’t hear what I’m saying to you. You watch the clock Move the slow hand. I should have been home Hours ago, But I’m not here. But I’m not here. You can’t hear me. You […]

The Man With The Child In His Eyes – Kate Bush

He’s here! he’s here!”) I hear him, before i go to sleep And focus on the day that’s been. I realise he’s there, When i turn the light off and turn over. Nobody knows about my man. They think he’s lost on some horizon. And suddenly i find myself Listening to a man i’ve never […]

You’re The One – Kate Bush

And i’ll pick up all my things Everything i have i bought with you But that’s alright too It’s just everything i do We did together And there’s a little piece of you In whatever I’ve got everything i need I’ve got petrol in the car I’ve got some money with me There’s just one […]

Rocket’s Tail – Kate Bush

You said, “Hey, wish that was me up there– It’s the biggest rocket I could find, And it’s holding the night in its arms If only for a moment. I can’t see the look in its eyes, But I’m sure it must be laughing.” But it seemed to me the saddest thing I’d ever seen, […]

Prologue – Kate Bush

We’re gonna be dancing around It’s gonna be so good now It’s gonna be so good Oh so exciting, mmh go on and on Every time you leave us So Summer will be gone So you’ll never grow old to us It’s gonna be so good now It’s gonna be so good Can you see […]

Deeper Understanding – Kate Bush

I turn to my computer And spend my evenings with it Like a friend. I was loading a new programme I had ordered from a magazine: “Are you lonely, are you lost? This voice console is a must.” I press Execute. “Hello, I know that you’ve been feeling tired. I bring you love and deeper […]

Reaching Out – Kate Bush

To feel how fire will feel. See how the man reaches out instinctively For what he cannot have. The pull and the push of it all. Reaching out for the hand. Reaching out for the hand that smacked. Reaching out for that hand to hold. Reaching out for the Star. Reaching out for the Star […]

Blow Away ( For bill ) – Kate Bush

That music is all that he’s got in his life. So where does it go? Surely not with his soul. Will all of his licks and his R’n’B Blow away? Blow away Blow away Our engineer had a different idea From people who nearly died but survived, Feeling no fear of leaving their bodies here, […]

King of the Mountain – Kate Bush

Could you see them screaming & weeping? Could you see the storm rising? Could you see the guy who was driving? Could you climb higher and higher? Could you climb right over the top? Why does a multi millionaire Fill up his home with priceless junk? The wind is whistling The wind is whistling Though […]

Waking the witch – Kate Bush

“A good morning, ma’am. Your early morning call.” “You must wake up!” “[titter] Wake up! [titter]” “Wake up, man!” “Wake up, child! Pay attention!” “Come on, wake up!” “Wake up, love!” “We should make the night, but see your little light’s alive!” “Stop that lyin’ and a-sleepin’ in bed–get up!” “Ma needs a shower. Get […]

Houdini – Kate Bush

And hold hands with weeping strangers, Wait for you To join the group. The tambourine jingle-jangles. The medium roams and rambles. Not taken in, I break the circle. I want this man To go away now. With a kiss I’d pass the key And feel your tongue Teasing and receiving. With your spit Still on […]

Mother stands for comfort – Kate Bush

But she won’t say anything. She thinks that I was with my friends yesterday, But she won’t mind me lying, Because Mother stands for comfort. Mother will hide the murderer. It breaks the cage, and fear escapes and takes possession, Just like a crowd rioting inside. (Make me do this, make me do that, make […]

This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush

I stand outside this woman’s work, This woman’s world. Ooh, it’s hard on the man, Now his part is over. Now starts the craft of the father. I know you have a little life in you yet. I know you have a lot of strength left. I know you have a little life in you […]

In the Warm Room – Kate Bush

Her perfume reaches you. Eventually you’ll fall for her. Down you’ll go To where the mellow wallows. In the warm room She’ll touch you with your Mamma’s hand. You’ll long to kiss those red lips, But when you do It’ll feel like kicking a habit. She’ll tell you that she’ll stay, So you’d better barricade […]

All the Love – Kate Bush

Was in the arms of good friends of mine. They kiss me with tears. They hadn’t been near me for years. Say, why do it now When I won’t be around, I’m going out? “We needed you To love us too. We wait for your move.” Only tragedy allows the release Of love and grief […]

Night Of the Swallow – Kate Bush

Looks just like your face on the moon, to me. And I won’t let you do What you want to do. It’s funny how, even now, You’re laughing. I won’t let you do it. If you go, I’ll let the law know, And they’ll head you off when you touch the ground. Ooh, please, don’t […]

Oh To Be In Love – Kate Bush

As you shift along the floor, I find it hard to place my face. How did i come to be here, anyway? It’s terribly vague, what’s gone before.* I could have been anyone. You could have been anyone’s dream. Why did you have to choose our moment? Why did you have to make me feel […]

Aerial – Kate Bush

And the wine will run And the song must be sung And the flowers are melting In the sun I feel I want to be up on the roof I feel I gotta get up on the roof Up, up on the roof Up, up on the roof Oh the dawn has come And the […]

Never Be Mine – Kate Bush

My life that might have been: Your face just ghostly in the smoke. They’re setting fire to the cornfields As you’re taking me home. The smell of burning fields Will now mean you and here. This is where I want to be. This is what I need. This is where I want to be. This […]

Lily – Kate Bush

From whom all things proceed To whom all things return Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual sun Hidden by a disc of golden light That we may know the truth And do our whole duty As we journey to thy sacred feet Well i said “lily, oh lily i don’t feel safe […]

The Dreaming – Kate Bush

On the bonnet of the van. “See the light ram through the gaps in the land.” Many an Aborigine’s mistaken for a tree ‘Til you near him on the motorway And the tree begin to breathe. “See the light ram through the gaps in the land.” (“Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha”) Coming in with the golden light In the […]

Big Stripey Lie – Kate Bush

Like a wavy line Coming up behind All young gentle dreams drowning In life’s grief Can you hang on me? Don’t want to hurt you baby I only want to help you I could be good for you Your name is being called by sacred things That are not addressed nor listened to Sometimes they […]

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