Don’t Shut Me Out – Keith Urban

Don’t shut me out maybe baby We should talk about it ‘Cause you’ve got your doubts but maybe, baby They might be unfounded Have a little faith you’ll make it through I’d never hesitate to talk to you If you tell me just what’s weighing on your mind Maybe it could help you sleep tonight […]

Somebody like you – Keith Urban

I’m breathing deeper then I’ve ever done. And it sure feels good to finally feel the way I do. I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you. And I’m letting go of all my lonely yesterdays. I’ve forgivin’ myself for the mistakes I’ve made. Now there’s just one thing, the only thing I wanna do. […]

Yesterday – Keith Urban

I remember as a kid wishin’ I was seventeen No more school, my own car. Back then it was all a dream Then came the day to say goodbye To the room that was once mine One last look at my old world then I closed the door behind, to Chorus: Yesterday, everything was easy […]

Freedom’s Finally Mine – Keith Urban

And I left the blacktop back about a mile or two No more sittin’ at home leave the T. V. and the telephone far behind This life is killin’ us all, back roads are lookin’ mighty fine Oh, and… [Chorus] Freedom’s finally mine I ain’t takin’ anymore Yeah freedom’s finally mine, It’s finally mine I […]

Once In A Lifetime – Keith Urban

I can see it in your eyes And feel it in your touch I know that you’re scared But you’ve never been this loved (mm hmm) It’s a long shot, baby, I know it’s true. But if anyone can make it, I’m bettin’ on me and you. (mm hmm) Just keep on moving into me, […]

Sweet Thing – Keith Urban

Well, your pretty blue eyes, they were drivin’ me crazy And the tiny little thought that was so amazing is they were lookin at me. I held open the car door for you then you climbed inside and slid on over To the other side.. I thought my, oh my.. Sweet thing The moon is […]

You’re Not Alone Tonight – Keith Urban

We all drink to forget Some of us more than most When reality gets too real And the fires of hell to close But I’m here to let you know that That you can make it through If you believe that someone is watchin’ over you And call it an angel Call it a muse […]

Desiree – Keith Urban

I’ve wadded up and tossed a thousand tries We both know the reason There ain’t nothing to explain But I know that my leavin’ Will spare us both the pain [Chorus] Desiree I can’t hold you any longer Desiree you love his money more than me And the taxi’s at the gate I guess all […]

My Last Name – Keith Urban

Like a storm up from the south The rain’ll splatter at the back door The wind’ll whistle ’round the house So it’s you and Howie Johnston Somebody told me at the store I guess I’d better get used To the idea of you Not around anymore [Chorus] And so, I’m doin’ my best to prepare […]

Days Go By – Keith Urban

I’m changing lanes I’m talking on the phone I’m drivin’ way to fast And the interstate’s jammed with Gunners like me afraid of coming in last But somewhere in the race we run We’re coming undone Days go by I can feel ’em flying Like a hand out the window in the wind as the […]

Out On My Own – Keith Urban

Your smiles they don’t come easy Like they used to come before The awkwardness and boredom Is scattered out across the floor I can feel your love waxin’ and wanin’ And a quick look in your eyes needs no explainin’ I’m out on my own Livin’ alone I’m an old reluctant gypsy I don’t like […]

Hank Don’t Fail Me Now – Keith Urban

There was a big ass U-Haul trailer in my way And she was headed for the car…so I grabbed my old guitar I got one more chance before she drives away So… [Chorus] Hank don’t fail me now You’ve always bailed me out “Your Cheatin’ Heart” Could set that suitcase down Give me one more […]

If You Wanna Stay – Keith Urban

Go if you wana go, stay if you wana stay My hearts not a game you can play with and out away Baby tryin’ to figure you out, could make a man go insane So just go if you wana go, stay if you wana stay… Dream what you want to dream, be who you […]

Walkin’ The Country – Keith Urban

Just as fast as I can Take off my tie so I can breathe Me, I’m going where the fresh air’s blowin’ Take a little walk in the country with me [Chorus] Walk in the country with me Watch the sun sinkin’ down on the trees It’s gonna do us some good To get down […]

I Told You So – Keith Urban

I wasn’t where you wanted to be I didn’t stand in your way I only want you to be happy And so surprised am I to see you here tonight Well, can’t you see that for worse or for better We’re better together Please, just come back home And don’t say that you’re sorry And […]

Shine – Keith Urban

It’s hanging around a little too long And I can see it in your eyes You’ve taken on a load that’s just too strong Oh, but let me get down to the heart of the matter Baby, if you want I can make it better now When the sun is hard to find When it’s […]

I Wanna Be Your Man (Forever) – Keith Urban

You’re such a pretty little thing I wanna put a wedding ring on your finger Baby can’t you see that we were meant to be together Yeah the joinin’ of our hearts is written in the stars We’ve got a love made in heaven So baby take my hand I wanna be your man forever […]

Got It Bad – Keith Urban

I hit the highway and I checked the time I see the sunrise and it makes me wanna change my mind Oh I got it bad I stopped for a coffee in a nowhere town A pretty waitress says “Hey what’s the frown Boy you got it bad” Well so many times you told me […]

What About Me – Keith Urban

I’m livin’ in a world that won’t stop pullin’ on me I’m not complaining but it’s true It’s like I owe my time to everyone else ‘Cause that’s all I seem to do You might not notice but I need a good friend Someone to talk to when I’m down, down, down There’s so much […]

Got It Right This Time – Keith Urban

And she’d think I’ve never seen the cold Ever since she came into my life I’ve been a better man Run, run running, I was running scared Always looking for a place to leave Couldn’t seem to find where I belonged Til she took my hand We can make this work out, baby I know […]

Where The Blacktop Ends – Keith Urban

Gonna kick off my shoes And run in bare feet Where the grass and the dirt and the gravel all meet Goin’ back to the well gonna visit old friends And feed my soul where the blacktop ends I’m lookin’ down the barrel of Friday night Ridin’ on a river of freeway lights Goodbye city […]

Whenever I Run – Keith Urban

The sun come up and the rain fall down And I’ve been a fool, yeah I’ve been around And when the world got too much for me I took off and left a memory Thinking I’d find something better to me somehow Oh but now Chorus: Whenever I run Instead of running into the blue […]

The Hard Way – Keith Urban

I guess that proves that I got mine Seems like our hearts are set on automatic We say the first thing that comes to mind It’s just who we are baby, we’ve come too far to start over now I know what you’re thinkin’ ; I’m not always easy to be around Chorus: But I […]

Better Life – Keith Urban

Friday night and the moon is high I’m wide-awake just watchin’ you sleep And I promise you you’re gonna have More than just the things that you need We ain’t got much now, We’re just startin’ out But I know somehow paradise is comin’ Chorus: Someday baby, You and I are gonna be the ones […]

Blue Stranger – Keith Urban

Hello blue stranger, sittin’ there all alone With your glass of sorrow, you seem so far from home Maybe you will let me, buy a round or two I’m a blue stranger too Well, hello blue stranger, I haven’t seen your around But I know every reason, for leavin’ town We might know each other, […]

Raise The Barn (feat. Ronnie Dunn) – Keith Urban

Ooooh, waaaah Well, there ain’t no strangers When you’re swinging a hammer side by side Oh, had a little setback Ain’t nothing gonna stop this Southern pride No, no So let’s all pull together now boys Once again this town’s gonna make some noise We’ll be square dancing, toe tapping We’ll be clicking out heels […]

Faster Car – Keith Urban

Anytime that you want what you need Close your eyes and say my name Call on me and I’ll be there for you No matter what they say Rain, hail or shine I got my eyes right to the sky Waiting on your sign Roll the dice and take a chance A chance on me […]

Country Comfort – Keith Urban

Soon the pines will be falling everywhere As the village children fight each other for their share And the six-o-nine goes roaring past the creek As Deacon Lee prepares his sermon for next week I saw Grandma yesterday down at the store Well she’s really doing fine for eighty-four And she asked me if sometime […]

Your The Only One – Keith Urban

I know it’s gonna take some time For you to trust this love of mine I know he broke your heart in two You’ve been betrayed and… your afraid That I will do the same to you But you’ll be safe here in my arms… forever and a day Though you don’t believe me now… […]

Ghost In His Guitar – Keith Urban

I risked a whoopin’ every time I went ‘Cause white boys weren’t allowed On the colored side of town But I was proud to call That old black man my friend He had a pillow by the bed he used to pray on And a beat up old guitar he let me play on I […]

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