Tu Compania – Keith Urban

If I could be anywhere with anyone You know exactly where’d I’d be Under the covers waiting for the sun […]

Everybody – Keith Urban

It’s just the same old yesterday And you made a promise to yourself That you were never gonna be this […]

Future Plans – Keith Urban

Kicks off the covers, and thinks about last night’s dream Shower and coffee, she heads for the train Thinkin’ how […]

Yesterday – Keith Urban

I remember as a kid wishin’ I was seventeen No more school, my own car. Back then it was all […]

Sweet Thing – Keith Urban

Well, your pretty blue eyes, they were drivin’ me crazy And the tiny little thought that was so amazing is […]

Desiree – Keith Urban

I’ve wadded up and tossed a thousand tries We both know the reason There ain’t nothing to explain But I […]

My Last Name – Keith Urban

Like a storm up from the south The rain’ll splatter at the back door The wind’ll whistle ’round the house […]

Days Go By – Keith Urban

I’m changing lanes I’m talking on the phone I’m drivin’ way to fast And the interstate’s jammed with Gunners like […]

Out On My Own – Keith Urban

Your smiles they don’t come easy Like they used to come before The awkwardness and boredom Is scattered out across […]

Shine – Keith Urban

It’s hanging around a little too long And I can see it in your eyes You’ve taken on a load […]

What About Me – Keith Urban

I’m livin’ in a world that won’t stop pullin’ on me I’m not complaining but it’s true It’s like I […]

Better Life – Keith Urban

Friday night and the moon is high I’m wide-awake just watchin’ you sleep And I promise you you’re gonna have […]