Wild Ride (feat. Joe Walsh) – Kenny Chesney

cleaning up his memory with some sapphire gin Mr. Pain grabbed my arm and pulled me aside and said kid are you ready for the wild ride I looked up, there she stood I say, didn’t look so great, i say you look good aww she took her hand ran it up my thigh and […]

Boston – Kenny Chesney

Works at the jewelry store Down in the harbor Where the ferries come to shore She never really knew how good it would feel To finally find herself in a place so warm and real She wears a Red Sox cap To hide her baby dreads The girl she was in New England Is different […]

The Tin Man – Kenny Chesney

Saw a man in the movies that didn’t have a heart How I wish I could give him mine Then I wouldn’t have to feel it breaking all apart And this emptiness inside would suit me fine It’s times like these I wish I were a tin man You could hurt me all you wanted […]

Down The Road – Kenny Chesney

Four houses down from me Was a family with an only child She was the only girl In this whole world that could make me smile Down the road I made up reasons to go Down the road Somewhere inside of me There was something she took a liking to Well I asked her to […]

Beer In Mexico – Kenny Chesney

So many thoughts to sit and ponder ‘Bout life and love and lack of And this emptiness in my heart Too old to be wild and free still Too young to be over the hill Should I try to grow up But who knows where to start So I just… Sit right here and have […]

Shiftwork – Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney Shift work, hard work, tired body In a blue-collar shirt and a baseball cap union made He’s hot, sweat drops, ’round the clock Door never locks And noise never stops Not all day Working seven to three Three to eleven Eleven to seven Shift work, tough work for the busy convenience store clerk […]

Angel Loved The Devil – Kenny Chesney

I was blinded by smoke and neon lights. I was drinkin’ and sinkin’ without a prayer. Then she showed up right out of thin air. She took me to heaven, oh my Lord, what a ride! And I’ve never been higher, on her love I could fly. I was hellbound, on my way down, then […]

Silent Night – Kenny Chesney

Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is bright ‘Round yon virgin, mother and child Holy infant so tender and loved Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Silent night, holy night Shepherds quake at the sight Glories stream from Heaven afar Heavenly ghosts sing hallelujahs Christ the Savior is born Christ the […]

Pretty Paper – Kenny Chesney

Wrap your presents to your darling from you Pretty pencils to write I love you Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue Crowded street, busy feet, hustle by him Downtown shoppers, Christmas is nigh There he sits all alone on the sidewalk Hoping that you won’t pass him by Should you stop? Better not, much too […]

The Good Stuff – Kenny Chesney

Well, me an’ my lady had our first big fight, So I drove around ’til I saw the neon light. A corner bar, an it just seemed right. So I pulled up. Not a soul around but the old bar keep, Down at the end an’ looking half asleep. An he walked up, an’ said […]

Summertime – Kenny Chesney

That old ballpark, man, is back in gear Out on 49 Man I can see the lights School’s out and the nights roll in Man, just like a long lost friend You ain’t seen in a while And can’t help but smile And it’s two bare feet on the dashboard Young love and an old […]

When The Sun Goes Down – Kenny Chesney

Got my whole life ahead Hell I’m just a kid myself How I’m gonna raise one All he could see were his dreams going up in smoke So much for ditching this town and hanging out on the coast Oh well, those plans are long gone [Chorus] And he said There goes my life There […]

She Gets That Way – Kenny Chesney

If you see her down at a local bar Showin’ all the signs of a lonely heart Don’t you be concerned There ain’t nothin’ wrong It’s not her fault She gets that way when I’m gone If she’s on the floor for a dance or two Don’t mean she’s lookin’ for a rendevous She’ll only […]

I’d Love To Change Your Name – Kenny Chesney

Make yours and mine one in the same. Aint nothin else about you I’d ever want to change, Honey, I’d sure love to change your name. Do you believe in love at first sight? I don’t think that I did, not until tonight. When I saw you dancin’ on that hard wood floor, Kickin’ your […]

Like Me – Kenny Chesney

A highway that never ends Takin’ naps in my old car Singin’ in guitar bars Killin’ time with cafe queens And truckers playin’ slot machines I meet a lot of wannabes Dreamin’ big and livin’ free like me Charlie runs the Produce Shack Livin’ in a van out back Sellin’ peas and homemade syrup Cantaloupes […]

Got A Little Crazy – Kenny Chesney

Well I feel pain so I’m not dead From the looks of things it looks like It got a little crazy last night Could I get your name again? Some situation that we’re in Woke up by each other’s side Got a little crazy last night Last thing I remember I told the bartender Mix […]

I Remember – Kenny Chesney

Thoughts of you run wild I’m longin for your touch Holded by your smile No use tryin to erase No one could ever take your place Well I remember how it used to feel back when our love was strong and real And I remember tears in your eyes As I looked at you and […]

It’s Never Easy To Say Goodbye – Kenny Chesney

Sure looks big in his little eyes His mama waves As the tears kick up the dust It’s never easy to say goodbye Julie Ray in her pearl white wedding gown Has found her wings and it’s time to fly It’s all her dad to keep from breakin’ down It’s never easy to say goodbye […]

You Save Me – Kenny Chesney

My strings all get tangled, my wires all get crossed Every now and then I’m right up on the edge Dangling my toes out over the ledge I just thank God you’re here ‘Cause when I’m a bullet shot out of a gun ‘Cause when I’m a firecracker comin’ undone Or when I’m a fugitive […]

Way Down Here – Kenny Chesney

Put off the mail and I Left on a light and I Locked up the house and I Jumped on a flight and I’m Still by myself but I’m Thinking more clear if I’m Gonna be down, Gonna be down way down here Chorous Where no one will ask cause nobody knows That you’re not […]

Life Is Good – Kenny Chesney

Darlin’ if you think back To the heartbroken past Before we found each other It’s so amazin’, it’s almost crazy What a difference lookin’ through the eyes of love Life is good, the grass is green The good Lord smilin’ on you and me Gonna knock on wood Sweet sunshine everywhere I look You love […]

Young – Kenny Chesney

Looking back now, well it makes me laugh We were growin our hair, we were cuttin’ class Knew it all already, there was nothing to learn We were strikin’ matches just to watch ’em burn Listen to our music just a little too loud We were hangin’ in there with the outcast crowd Headin’ to […]

Grandpa Told Me So – Kenny Chesney

If you don’t get in the water you’re never gonna learn to swim He said a snake is just as scared of you as you are of him He could tell by the moon when the fish would bite Seems there was nothing that he didn’t know And as a kid i believed ’cause grandpa […]

Scare Me – Kenny Chesney

I’ve gotten good at being that ain’t seen nothin’ that could hold me say good-bye and don’t look back running, always ready feel as strong and steady but you scare me took a long walk after midnight trying to make sense of it all tried to catch a glimpse of my old life but your […]

Turn For The Worse – Kenny Chesney

On my way home Temptation waits: wine, women, and song Lord my will breaks Where that road bends And tonight I took a turn for the worse again Left was home Right was wrong And you can bet by now she knows which road I’m on It’s a road I know like the back of […]

I Can’t Go There – Kenny Chesney

Kenny: You know that restaurant on highway 1 With the key lime pie that song the sand and the sun Where we ran in our barefeet Built a castle on the beach Just the wind, the rocks, the waves and you and me Chorus: I can’t go there Cuz thats just too much us I […]

French Kissing Life – Kenny Chesney

Been rocking nine days in a row All I know is it’s hurricane season And any minute she’s gonna blow I need a shave and I need some rest I know some people are worried about me But I’m french kissing life square in the mouth Sailing out on the sea Went through customs and […]

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy – Kenny Chesney

Plowin’ these fields in the hot summer sun Over by the gate lordy here she comes With a basket full of chicken and a big cold jug of sweet tea I make a little room and she climbs on up Open up a throttle and stir a little dust Just look at her face she […]

Island Boy – Kenny Chesney

And he was desperate to rearrange priorities And he thought the sea would be the best place to be So he saved his money, sold his car And with his eye set on a Southern star Got the courage to follow his heart Set out for a brand new start He’s an island boy Now […]