Killing Spree – Death

To the world around he was the perfect person
Planning for an alibi he then starts rehearsing
A human bomb just waiting to explode
This secret rage can’t be controlled

Slaughter the dreams of others
One left to recover
Self-inflicted wounds
Life he has consumed
Planning a killing spree
Victim of a conspiracy?

Getting bored with his current life
Rearranging with a knife

Solo : Murphy, Shuldiner

Greed before despair suspicions starts to grow
His life was spared for this he does not know
Screams filled the air there was no way to help
The ones he mourns he killed himself

(Repeat 2nd verse)
ee drawn to the moon
Like lovers they meet
Carry the light to a distant unknown
Catch it if you can

Lyric Killing Spree – Death