Performer KISS

Easy As It Seems – Kiss

You been out runnin’ without any fear, tell me why, I wanna know the reason why (It’s easy as it […]

I Just Wanna – Kiss

I got a body built for sin and an appetite for passion Yeah I can see the road to ruin […]

Only You – Kiss

But the questions you have to find Only you know the secrets But the truth lies deep in your mind […]

I – Kiss

K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 I I was […]

Mr. Make Believe – Kiss

Just give me one more chance tonight, oh yeah I’m tryin’ hard to please you, would you believe me if […]

Torpedo Girl – Kiss

I thought I’d go out and take a swim today It was real hot and I just had to get […]

Love In Chains – Kiss

You’re turnin’ into paradise The boys are crawlin’ at your feet Burn them and turn them to ice No one […]

Sweet Pain – Kiss

My leathers fit tight around me My whip is always beside me You want the same thing every day I’ll […]

Paralyzed – Kiss

Who cares, I’m in a trance, I got no hope, I don’t stand a chance But it’s all right, yes […]

Ladies Room – Kiss

What bothers me is my fame You’re what I need to play the game You say you like to dance […]

Heart Of Chrome – Kiss

You better listen up, since you screwed me you’ve been on my mind Yeah, ’til the day we met, I […]

Spit – Kiss

I got no manners and I’m not too clean But I know what I like, if you know what I […]

Got Love For Sale – Kiss

Your eyes are full of tears You’ve got headache, heartache, a pain you can’t take I am who you have […]

Mainline – Kiss

I want you I’m needin’ some lovin’, I’m hot like an oven It’s so true You know what I want […]

Strutter – Kiss

I know she’ll only make you cry She’ll let you walk the street beside her But when she wants she’ll […]

Read My Body – Kiss

Do you wonder do I wanna make you scream and shout – shout it out Would you like to see […]

Prisoner Of Love – Kiss

Don’t give me love, no, don’t even try it Just give me your trust, and I’ll tell you no lies […]

Save Your Love – Kiss

You were good lookin’ You know I was your biggest fan You tried to teach me things I already knew […]

Almost Human – Kiss

I’m almost human, can’t help feelin’ strange The moon is out, I think I’m gonna change You’re so smooth and […]

X-Ray Eyes – Kiss

But oh baby, I know what you’re aiming at And I know, I see everything that’s in store for me […]

Unholy – Kiss

I was there through the ages Chained slaves to their cages I have seen you eat your own I’m the […]

Makin’ Love – Kiss

I really want her by my side Don’t hesitate I really want her by my side The whole night through […]

The Oath – Kiss

Fiery hot Tempered steel fire-bright to the night I take I fear not Now compelled by something I cannot see […]

Ladies In Waiting – Kiss

And the meat looks good tonight And the ladies in waiting Will show you what it’s all about Their selection […]

Keep Me Comin’ – Kiss

I know you’re losing control, I know your plans Where you’re keeping your hands, I know it’s taking its toll […]

Partners In Crime – Kiss

I know your wheels are turning, got your fire burning I know your heart’s as cold as stone You’re covered […]

Easy Thing – Kiss

Love is so hard to find When love, such an easy thing Such an easy thing Such an easy thing […]

I’m Alive – Kiss

Too many women, I’ve got too little time I keep on tryin’ Man, if it kills me I know that […]

Fits Like A Glove – Kiss

Well goodness sakes, my snake’s alive and it’s ready to bite Hornet’s nest, lay me down to rest, ooh I […]

Rock Me, Baby – Kiss

Baby, who you been seein’ since your man’s gone Tellin’ all those cheap, cheap lies, you Hopin’ that his eyes […]

Odyssey – Kiss

we are on an odyssey Through the realms of time and space In that enchanted place You and I come […]

Little Caesar – Kiss

Desperation’s out tonight, you can cut it with a knife Everybody wants to have it all Well they tell you […]

All The Way – Kiss

You’ve got a lot to say Every night and every sunny day It’s the same thing you’ve been sayin’ to […]

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