Performer KISS

New York Groove – Kiss

To the left and to the right, buildings towering to the sky It’s outta sight in the dead of night […]

2,000 Man – Kiss

It’s on a piece of plastic film And I’ve been growin’ funny flowers Outside on my little window sill And […]

It’s Alright – Kiss

I’m pretty good at takin’ care myself I always get enough to get me by So if you’re askin’ for […]

Hotter Than Hell – Kiss

She looked hotter than hell All dressed in satins and lace I looked at her and it was just too […]

Shout It Out Loud – Kiss

Do you think you’re gonna find it (think you’re gonna find it) You got to treat yourself like number one […]

Beth – Kiss

But I can’t come home right now Me and the boys are playin’ And we just can’t find the sound […]

Hide Your Heart – Kiss

She could see him coming like a hundred other liars, it was no big deal Rosa had a lover on […]

Dirty Livin’ – Kiss

People all around me lettin’ me bleed Waitin’ for the darkness to blind the heat I make my livin’ out […]

Burn Bitch Burn – Kiss

You bent over, baby, and let me be the driver Just a cut of pink, wouldn’t believe me if I […]

Rise To It – Kiss

All that beauty, but you never show your face I’m gonna make my way to you, knock down your door […]

Rip It Out – Kiss

I didn’t know you were gonna be so unkind I’ve been trying just to find out how we went wrong […]

War Machine – Kiss

Set the demons free and watch ’em fly Strike down the one who leads me, I’m gonna take his place […]

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