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Domino – Kiss

“Now lemme tell ya my story, I got a man-sized predicament And it’s a big one, goes like this, yeah” My my, ow, yeah! Never had confession, never had a home Never had no worry, until I met Domino Ain’t the virgin Mary, love her I confess Got my hesitations, ’cause she kisses like the […]

Kiss The Girl Goodbye – Kiss

It’s time for me to fly Wipe the tears away I’ll be home some day, baby So baby, please wait for me Don’t want no one to take my place You’re the one for me And that’s the way love should be We’ve been apart so many times before One more time won’t change things […]

Do You Love Me – Kiss

You like the way the wheels roll You like my seven inch leather heels And goin’ to all of the shows But… Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me Really love me? You like the credit cards and private planes Money can really take you far You like the hotels […]

When Your Walls Come Down – Kiss

I know you want it, you know you want it too Hey diddle diddle, when the cat wants to fiddle The kitten’s gotta give him the moon And they say “you gotta look before you leap” And “we’re gonna judge you by the friends you keep” But you’re looking nasty and I’m in too deep […]

While The City Sleeps – Kiss

You’re your own worst enemy and cheap thrills bring you to your knees It’s thumbs down for someone you know, and it’s easy come and easy go Chorus: Burn your bridges, take what you can get Go for the throat ’cause you paid your debt Livin’ well is the best revenge, so give ’em hell […]

Dark Light – Kiss

And you don’t know what it is Watch out, Or it’s Sodom and Gommorah The malevolent order Right now, Before it’s much too late Before it’s much too late A dark light – A darkness never ending A dark light – The sun is turning cool A dark night – Is everywhere descending A dark […]

Trial By Fire – Kiss

Some people say I go to far I don’t care, reachin’ for the stars Gonna climb that ladder to the top Nothin’ can stop me now Well, look out world ‘Cause here I come Oh yeah, oh yeah Life’s a trial by fire I’m gonna live my life, oh yeah It’s a trial by fire […]

Killer – Kiss

Bitch is insane, she deals in pain, she’s a killer Ooh, she’ll cut you clean, then she’ll watch you bleed So obscene, she’s what I need, she loves to hear me scream Black lace, stiletto heels, she’s a killer Crack the whip, submission trip, she’s a killer Ooh, cat in heat, mistress of deceit Nerves […]

Ozone – Kiss

Feelin’ high and dry, and I really like to fly I’m your kinda guy, girl I’m not too shy And I want you to fly, so I think you oughta try Ozone, ozone, ozone, ozone I’m your kinda guy and I’m not too shy Feelin’ high and dry, and I want you to be mine […]

Got To Choose – Kiss

Baby, you might be leavin’ me today Oh yeah, mmm, someone’s come along and shared your time Don’t care, no I don’t, no But you can’t be his and still be mine, so Ooh, got to choose who’s your baby Ooh, got to choose Sometimes, oh sometimes, I know you need a change of pace […]

I’m Gonna Love You – Kiss

Sleepin’ with another man Say you’re gonna be true And stay and love me like you can ‘Cause I really love you and it’s true I’m gonna love you rain or come shine Honey, won’t you tell me You don’t want nobody else Don’t you tear my heart out And lay it on your shelf […]

Good Girl Gone Bad – Kiss

She ain’t nothin’ like you ever had Face of a woman, hands of a child, yeah Been a long time comin’, now she’s goin’ wild Well I know she ain’t the girl next door She ain’t the girl she was before She’s a good girl gone bad, one kiss can drive me mad Good girl […]

Tomorrow And Tonight – Kiss

Everybody’s high when the week is through Livin’ like they wish they could Listenin’ to the teacher, bosses like a preacher Ain’t never done nobody good Are you happy, baby, I’ve been waitin’ Are you ready, it’s quarter to ten Are you comin’, don’t be hesitatin’ ‘Cause I’m headed for the city again Tomorrow and […]

Love’s A Deadly Weapon – Kiss

I’m gettin’ fired up Hot thunder’s flowin’ through my blood My temperature’s risin’, baby I want the warmth of your touch So get a grip I’m hot on your heels You’re burnin’ up ’cause you know just how it’s gonna feel, yeah And you just can’t help yourself now, baby ‘Cause this time it’s real, […]

Dance All Over Your Face – Kiss

Well if you can play it cool, I can play it debonair You were warm, but there was an inner ice And baby, it was like a rollin’ dice Well I told you once, I told you twice Hey listen babe, there’s trouble in paradise Well I found a lipstick stain of your kiss Well […]

I Want You – Kiss

And I’m thinkin’ of days gone by And the thing I want out of life is I want you (I want you) I want you (I want you) You can run, you can hide But you never get away You can lie and deny But you know you’re gonna pay Never loved, never thought you […]

Secretly Cruel – Kiss

She cut it out of that magazine It was a hot day, she wore lingerie And nothin’ else in between, ooh She had long hair and thigh high snake skin boots And she was all over me like a cheap suit Then she bared herself, aha And stripped my soul Began to shake, rattle, and […]

Shandi – Kiss

Lovin’ you is killin’ me inside Everytime I find the words to end it, something in your eyes won’t let it Chorus: Shandi, tonight must last us forever, forever we say goodnight and go home But you know me very well, and I know you, you can’t tell me goodnight (say goodnight) We been holding […]

Comin’ Home – Kiss

I’m comin’ home again I’ve been to east and west, but baby I like best The lovin’ used to you Oh girl, it seems the whole wide world seems to say Hotels that all look the same Just seem to drive me insane But I can’t get away Until I receive a call that tells […]

Cadillac Dreams – Kiss

If you can get it free, it just ain’t worth a damn When I heard the preacher say, don’t throw your life away I got that message, and I wrote it on the wall I don’t want anybody tellin’ me lies, no, I don’t want your diamond ring ‘Cause you ain’t got my size I […]

Burning Up With Fever – Kiss

I’m the gift and giver, not a woman mistreater, you know that is no one else You can have me just one time baby, she said Baby, I’ll give you a chance, ‘cos I’m Chorus: Burning up with fever, and you’re the fever inside I’m burning up with fever, it’s something I can’t hide Sometimes […]

She’s So European – Kiss

I wouldn’t look if you paid me, ’cause to me she’s still the same Well you oughtta see her, wearin’ her heart on her sleeves You’d never believe her, she’s got a well-planned look in her eyes She’s so European, she’s one of a kind, one of a kind She’s so European, she’s one of […]

Move On – Kiss

When I was just a baby, mama sat me on her knee She told me “Boy you listen there’s a lot you oughta see A lot of pretty women, gonna try and tie you down You don’t know what you’re missin’ if you never look around” Move on, that’s what she told me Move on, […]

Radar For Love – Kiss

Get a little bit of love and I go insane I may talk big, baby, I don’t lie Ooh the guys don’t know but the girls know why Ooh girls know why, whoo oh Get down and get to it I know you can do it Get down and get to it I know you […]

Mr. Blackwell – Kiss

Do what I want and I don’t give a damn You’re all so weak you know it makes me ill Don’t like you now and probably never will You cheat and lie, and wonder why You can’t sleep at night You’re not well, Mr. Blackwell And we can tell You’re not well, Mr. Blackwell Why […]

Bang Bang You – Kiss

Don’t hide or try to get away, you know the rules and you’re gonna play Chorus: And we go one, two, three, four, when midnight comes, I’ll be at your door Five, six, seven, eight, oh, oh, I just can’t wait I’m gonna bang, bang you – I’ll shoot you down with my love gun, […]

Love Gun – Kiss

I love what you’ve got Let’s get together we can Get hot No more tomorrow baby Time is today Girl I can make you feel Okay No place for hidin’ baby No place to run You pull the trigger of my Love gun Love gun Love gun Love gun You can’t forget me baby Don’t […]

Reason To Live – Kiss

Out of time, no more waitin’ for you Now the hurtin’s through, and a new day starts And I feel a change in my life, I sailed into dark and endless nights And made it alive Chorus: Everybody’s got a reason to live, baby Everybody’s got a dream and a hunger inside Everybody’s got a […]

Who Wants To Be Lonely – Kiss

Standing there in your own world Baby, talk to me with your eyes Before the moment dies I want to say to you Time is just passing us by You keep waiting for something called love Wake up in the middle of the night Nobody’s gonna make it alright Who wants to be lonely, who […]

Two Sides Of The Coin – Kiss

But they don’t tell you, they just want a whirl It’s kind of funny, a little sad ‘Cause they’re not happy, they’re just kind of glad To be with me for just a night And maybe even turn out the lights, we’ll turn out the lights I need time to ease my mind, make up […]

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