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Wouldn’t You Like To Know Me – Kiss

You got another baby, hold him tight, you know You been pushin’ and you won’t get me tonight I’ve been your lover, but I’m not your fool You wanna to teach me but I’m not in school, you know You been pushin’ and you won’t get me tonight You come a-crawlin’, but you’re much too […]

I Still Love You – Kiss

I had myself believing I should take it like a man But if you gotta go, then you gotta know that it’s killing me And all the things I never seem to show, I gotta make you see Girl it’s been so long, (tell me) how could it be One of us knows the two […]

Almost Human – Kiss

I’m almost human, can’t help feelin’ strange The moon is out, I think I’m gonna change You’re so smooth and tender, a living, breathing dream I’ve got to have you, baby, I’m listenin’ for your scream I’m almost human, I’m almost a man I’m almost human, ooh I’m almost human, baby please don’t run away […]

X-Ray Eyes – Kiss

But oh baby, I know what you’re aiming at And I know, I see everything that’s in store for me Well, baby here’s your big surprise, yeah I’ve got x-ray eyes, ahh And I can see right through your lies, ahh One day you’ll see, you’ll come crawling back to me I’m your one and […]

Turn On The Night – Kiss

Everybody wants you girl, but I want you more than any other guy You got what I want, I got what you need, fire below So if you know it, show it, don’t let me go, whooah Turn on the night – I can’t wait, can’t wait any longer Turn on the night – yeah, […]

Unholy – Kiss

I was there through the ages Chained slaves to their cages I have seen you eat your own I’m the cycle of pain Of a thousand year old reign I’m suicide and salvation The omen to nations That you worship on all fours I’m the infection and famine That’s knocking at your door That’s why […]

I’ll Fight Hell To Hold You – Kiss

Your friends turn into strangers, does anybody care But when all hope is lost, I’m gonna be there, whatever the cost When you feel lost Someone to hold you with all of their might Through the darkness night, I’ll be there Chorus: I’ll fight hell to hold you, no river too deep or mountain high […]

Makin’ Love – Kiss

I really want her by my side Don’t hesitate I really want her by my side The whole night through We do all the things that we wanna do Come on baby, don’t leave me sad ‘Cause you’re good lookin’, the best I’ve had Makin’ love, makin’ love, love Makin’ love, love all night long […]

The Oath – Kiss

Fiery hot Tempered steel fire-bright to the night I take I fear not Now compelled by something I cannot see I go forth surrendering to history Your glory, I swear I ride for thee Your power, I trust it rides with me Your servant, I am and ever shall I be Through a dream I […]

Ladies In Waiting – Kiss

And the meat looks good tonight And the ladies in waiting Will show you what it’s all about Their selection is inviting They sure look hot tonight And the ladies in waiting Will show you what it’s all about And so you move on down the line All the ladies are lookin’ fine, so fine […]

Calling Dr. Love – Kiss

You’re not the only one I’ve ever had And if I say I wanna set you free Don’t you know you’ll be in misery They call me (Dr. Love) They call me Dr. Love (calling Dr. Love) I’ve got the cure you’re thinkin’ of And even though I’m full of sin In the end you’ll […]

Keep Me Comin’ – Kiss

I know you’re losing control, I know your plans Where you’re keeping your hands, I know it’s taking its toll Sweet little innocent girl, making your way in this world Something you’re feeling tonight tells you what’s wrong and what’s right Chorus: You gotta keep me comin’ (keep me comin’), keep me comin’ (keep me […]

Partners In Crime – Kiss

I know your wheels are turning, got your fire burning I know your heart’s as cold as stone You’re covered in abuses, dripping with excuses I know you got a lover at home But you’ll come here to me, time after time You’ll go down on your knees Give your life and read your mind […]

Easy Thing – Kiss

Love is so hard to find When love, such an easy thing Such an easy thing Such an easy thing to lose, yeah Words, words are so hard Words are so hard to find When love, such an easy thing Such an easy thing Such an easy thing to lose, yeah When you find your […]

The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away – Kiss

I’m here to bet ya, street’s gonna get ya, well two out of three ain’t bad Hey man, it’s gettin’ out of hand, cross your heart and hope to die You got yours, and I got mine, I’m gonna get what’s comin’ to ya Chorus: ‘Cause the street giveth and the street taketh away Where […]

I’m Alive – Kiss

Too many women, I’ve got too little time I keep on tryin’ Man, if it kills me I know that I’ll go Dead, stiff, and smilin’ Oh, don’t need no doctor puttin’ me to bed Give me the nurse and I’ll make sure that she’s fed Don’t need no doctor giving me pills I’m hot […]

Fits Like A Glove – Kiss

Well goodness sakes, my snake’s alive and it’s ready to bite Hornet’s nest, lay me down to rest, ooh I wanna shed my skin I got the urge to merge, you’re cold as ice, baby won’t you lemme in Night scenes, wet dreams, enough to make you drool And fire, fire, fire for the fuel […]

Rock Me, Baby – Kiss

Baby, who you been seein’ since your man’s gone Tellin’ all those cheap, cheap lies, you Hopin’ that his eyes won’t see through you, yeah Well baby, I can play it, there’s something I just got to do I got to slumpin’ and you know that it’s true You got the sure shockin’, hit rockin’ […]

See You In Your Dreams – Kiss

And you pick up a phone, you want me to hold Well dry your eyes, it’s alright, it’s alright Chorus: See you, feel you in your dreams tonight See you, feel you in your dreams tonight, dreams tonight When you’re in the room, you’re home too soon, you can’t get me out of your mind […]

You Love Me To Hate You – Kiss

Spin a web any fool can see, put your candy on display It’s a game of who needs who, who’s on top, me or you Pleasure and pain feel the same when the night is thru Chorus: Girl you want me to cry, feel like I’m gonna die Girl you want me to bleed, feel […]

Get All You Can Take – Kiss

I never gave a damn about the future, I never got my share Somebody said, boy your time’s a wastin’, you’re movin’ much too slow So many things in life worth tastin’, so much you oughta know – look out Get down, fool around, if you got half a chance, you take it Ooh yeah, […]

Odyssey – Kiss

we are on an odyssey Through the realms of time and space In that enchanted place You and I come face to face Once upon not yet, long ago someday Countless times we’ve met, met along the way Through the luminescent night On beams of neon light You and I in wing-ged flight As we […]

Little Caesar – Kiss

Desperation’s out tonight, you can cut it with a knife Everybody wants to have it all Well they tell you that the world is rough But they never rocked it hard enough Chorus: Hey little Caesar, nobody messing with you Hey little Caesar, go show ’em what you can do Nobody said that it was […]

All The Way – Kiss

You’ve got a lot to say Every night and every sunny day It’s the same thing you’ve been sayin’ to me Every day You say it’s within your heart You keep repeatin’ that we’ll never part I’m so finally glad to hear you stop For a day You just keep talkin’ louder Complain to your […]

Boomerang – Kiss

Cut the deck, better place your bet, ’cause the game ain’t over yet Wanna keep you under lock and key, can’t you see what you do to me Get the noose, I know I’m gonna hang, ’cause you’re like a boomerang, boomerang On the way up, you change your tune, so pay up, and it […]

King Of The Night Time World – Kiss

Far from the city and the midnight fun It’s so bad, goin’ to school So far from me and the dirty things that we do I’m the king of the night time world And you’re my headlight queen I’m the king of the night time world Come live your secret dream It’s so fine, lovin’ […]

Don’t You Let Me Down – Kiss

Don’t you leave me lonely (don’t you leave me lonely) Don’t you run around I said baby (baby) when I’m on the ground, yeah (When I’m on the ground) Try to keep my chin up, feel I’m fallin’ farther down Ooh, you know I’m feelin’ sorry But I know that won’t do Ooh, looks like […]

Down On Your Knees – Kiss

Are you ready to rock, I’m talking about satisfaction So let’s cut the talk, yeah, and get on with the action Better make up your mind, girl, ’cause its now or never It’s getting down to the night, yeah, and I ain’t waiting forever She’s alright, cause she’s all I got tonight She’s alright, and […]

You Matter To Me – Kiss

Endless tears Feels like my whole world’s dying It hurts when you’re not here ‘Cause you matter to me and that’s why You still matter to me And that’s the only reason I need, to get by You still matter to me, yes you do I ain’t no good at talkin’ So girl I’m tellin’ […]

Domino – Kiss

“Now lemme tell ya my story, I got a man-sized predicament And it’s a big one, goes like this, yeah” My my, ow, yeah! Never had confession, never had a home Never had no worry, until I met Domino Ain’t the virgin Mary, love her I confess Got my hesitations, ’cause she kisses like the […]

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