Know – Afflicted (UK)

now that I, have been humbled..
Ignore all my cries..
as you’ve done, as you’ve done before..

Walk through my life,
like a light, from a candle..
embracing the hate,
that has shamed, that has shamed you..

All this time…
All My life..
I Just wanted to know you..

broken with my,
deepest sighs, for your shadow..
lingering here,
all these years, its consuming me..

Cut through my life,
like a knife, through the ocean,
looking for a reason..
With nothing to believe in..

I want to love you.. I want to hurt you..
I just cant take this..
I’m on the outside, but i want to be inside..
I just cant take this..

Lyric Know – Afflicted (UK)