In The Blazing River – Krabathor

a long way from the sun he waked up and his mind, eyes and steps are rambling they’re getting on to knock down a tramp on his kneel well to make him be full of gratitude he complains towards the sky with the dashed mouth and his blood is changing into the blazing river chorus: […]

Forget The Gods – Krabathor

Lead: Martin spoiled brains are speaking through the wring mouth its poisoned tongue is slimy like a snake when tempting my mind to devotion i’m starting to hate the sticky presence of faith chorus: forget the gods satisfaction with own pride blind adoring for their prosperity scream! scream! scream! nobody’s hearing scream into the silence! […]

Without The Followin’ Dawn – Krabathor

i want to fall asleep without the fear of the dawn for others to come for a moments of a hopeless chorus: has the deep sleep already came? the dead faint already has killin’ your fragile soul will devour the followin’ dawn all the days are opened by a midnight and not accompanied by a […]