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Crisis Of Disorder – Kreator

Searching – for reality to hold on to Probia – detonation without cause Terror – out of traumatic reaction Raging […]

Coma Of Souls – Kreator

Masters of war Merchants of false peace Bleeding the lives of the lost Feeding them terminal disease Breaking the rules […]

Mental Slavery – Kreator

Land of solitude A place of horror dark and cruel There’s no need to seek the truth Opinions are provided […]

Bomb Threat – Kreator

Impending doom, assassinate Agressive drive explodes Uncontrollable resistance Paeallised dismay Agenda carried all around The world is in a shock […]

Take Their Lives – Kreator

Living your live in endless frustration Everyday you get nervous and teased You think about your youth with sex and […]

People Of The Lie – Kreator

Your vanity is all you ever show What you believe and advocate Fanatic dogma recycled from yesterday Got a master […]

Phobia – Kreator

Something after you? Is there something after you? Will it get you? Can you feel the panic in you, Feel […]

Zero To None – Kreator

Grabs us and disappears Have to take some direction Through the glass that we must break Zero to none Killing […]

Cry War – Kreator

All night you can feel all the blood it runs Dying from the death of the machine gun Crying on […]

Dying Victims – Kreator

Creeping trough the shadows as the war of death begins No one ever saw before the destruction that he brings […]

Blind Faith – Kreator

Strongest desire: eradicate the new sectarians Hunting down those who pray the new words Awaiting their fall, the thumbs down […]

Pandemonium – Kreator

Can’t you fell it coming down Pandemonium in my brain Over and over and over again Over and over and […]

Tormentor – Kreator

Riding in darkness through the hell of the night Give all your torment to the heaven’s might In the name […]

No Escape – Kreator

You sought expression through them all Sadistic and perverted urges Dictated they had to fall Spent your youth in reformatories […]

No Reason To Exist – Kreator

Like millions of others before A statistic living exactly By the norm Don’t need to think about Future now It’s […]

Terror Zone – Kreator

A cruel dimension where time and space Distort beyond control A ride to another center of the universe My thoughts […]

Flag Of Hate – Kreator

Dark shadows lie over the city Tonight someone will die You can hear painful screams The air is full of […]

Prevail – Kreator

Death of emotions Birth of decay Fight revolution Grips the heart of men Rising rebellion Loosing control Pure mental terror […]

Total Death – Kreator

Masters of switsch now rule the land Push their switch and send the death Politician warpigs got only shit in […]

Agents Of Brutality – Kreator

Minutely planned professional crime assassination at night Cold-blooded killers on a midnight hunt for a girl who cannot fight Kidnapped, […]

Brainseed – Kreator

Concentrating on mass submission Crying race philosophy Sacramental confidence Discovered desire Hesitant intelligence Impersonate integrity Aging trauma from the past […]

Soul Eraser – Kreator

The seeds of slavery For a mind insane an armageddon fantasy Cure religion for the weak foundtion of all laws […]

World Beyond – Kreator

Reach for the reaper’s scythe Sailing the river Styx Watching the other side Casting an ancient hex Journey to the […]

Don’t Trust – Kreator

Is the truth I’ve spoken myself A pack of lies is all I get from Anybody else Experience shows that […]

Trauma – Kreator

Staring out the window into the ice cold air Memories of summer causing my depression Through concentrated death and rainfall […]

One Of Us – Kreator

Remember – make your will before you come to this place Choose your weapons and I’ll take mine Me or […]

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