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Stream Of Consciousness – Kreator

Between death and life Just a circle to be Closed by time Creatures comforts in this Earthly plane Have become more hallowed Than wisdom today CHORUS In the stream of consciousness We cannot see the truth Play your role so perfectly No matter which life we choose Emotional terror confusing Our minds Love and hate […]

Shadowland – Kreator

Self destruction everywhere A restless soul on it’s search for an answer Sees through this masquerade of dispair In a time where no love can be born Desperation frozen eyes A restless soul so alone no direction Suffering as they follow the blind This is a new dawn rising Over this Shadowland Tearing you from […]

Son Of Evil – Kreator

Masquarade as he rides through the night Blitzkrieg torture blade shining bright In his eyes dreams of pain As he kills the lovely shame Messengers from fiery will Speaking out what no one will Violence for the virgin Death falls from his bloody skin Deny the father deny the mother Burning the sister poison the […]

Material World Paranoia – Kreator

SOLO – FRANK Dehumanization through industrialization Bring fear to the masses of reincarnation Manic frustration deterioration Nature fights back for its own preservation Concrete coffin breeds lunacy Cold steel skeleton Desperation in the factory Crank out oblivion Material world paranoia Corporations rule the earth Material world paranoia Enslavery begins at birth Power’s illusion brings global […]

Golden Age – Kreator

Deeper than you know Reality is gone Yet so much to show Let me take you down Let us look inside There’s still so much to come It’s time to say goodbye Broken dreams Misery replaced by constant extasy Wide awake open wide existance of a better kind Waits for you waits for me Our […]

Toxic Trace – Kreator

Total pollution the earth can’t stand much longer Chemical industry brings new diseases The fear of self-destruction is growing stronger Nuclear waste in an uncontrolled deluge Reduces the earth to an airless planet Reformation lies far away Now is your only chance to save it Contamination in every place Condemn the human race Everything will […]

Endless Pain – Kreator

You cry out the aggression that is in you everyday You want to kill the enemies if they cross your way In your heart is hate, terror is freezing your bones The night is dark and you’re all alone The voices of hell sound so nice Final death is the price Can’t wait much longer […]

Carrion – Kreator

Lights are flashing down the alleys the reaper has arrived The medieval brutality is still alive The death machines of one hundred countries are ready to strike No remorse no mercy only hate is in their eyes satan and his legions will be their guides He’ll make the world a slave to his hellish might […]

Nonconformist – Kreator

Become a capitalist and follow blind Staring into empty eyes I can’t see no more truth behind those lies I don’t believe I don’t agree I’m the one you fear forever… Nonconformist Count the days that pass you by Minds erased, the individual dies Conform into society And you become your own worst enemy I […]

Riot Of Violence – Kreator

Greedy for blood paralysed by power Decision to die tales of terror Deep in the corner Passion to kill Corpse on the ground mind starts to chill A man lies in the corner covered with blood Bloody wounds on his body praying for his god People pass him by but they say why should we […]

Future King – Kreator

This time your truth just offers nothing new Walking down the empty streets of never-ending tragedy Nothing here can touch my heart this loneliness tears me apart Beneath the dark deep ocean Prepare the gathering Pray for the saviour’s coming A glorius Future King Buring in 1999 Drowing in 99 All felt before fake people […]

Awakening Of The Gods – Kreator

Was it a vision or was it a dream The trust of the mankind has never been real Gods of pleasure gods of pain Gods of terror of life and of hate Mortality is endless when gods start to pray Life becomes worthless by nuclear death The’re watching from above it could happen every daywatching […]

The Chosen Few – Kreator

I’ve seen the fire within your eyes My mind it screams for shelter now I know i’ve got to resist some how My religion my certain death My salvation my sacriledge My inner sanctum my prophecy You’ve become everything and more to me So our souls will be one A new era has begun Fantasies […]

Death Is Your Saviour – Kreator

In a dark and brutal land Not far from here lived a mighty wargod The slaves were all afraid No one stood against him no one tried He lived by the sword until he died Mighty wargod fight ’till death Hunt the people let no one rest show your planet Who is the lord take […]

Men Without God – Kreator

Planet left by its god Ideology died and the vision is gone Opression part of the plot Degrading life into material force Emptiness pain in their faces Viscious expression of purest hate Nightmares fulfill Nightmares fulfill Grotesque abstraction Deformed lost in their fate Lunatics murder without any reason A killer instinct that enslaves Endangered dying […]

The Pestilence – Kreator

Cemetary of hades riting flesh of death Skulls and bones are decaying Corpses limbs and deadly carnage Massacre and crime is ruling The world is living in pain and sorrow The gods have stopped believing Survive or escape there is no chance Death of all cultures is near There must be a parasite in their […]

Bringer Of Torture – Kreator

And once so innocent Your life so brutal, True emotions suppressed You scream, but he won’t Hear a word till He’s had his away Victim of the cruelest Kind of love Against his urges there’s No defence The one who gave you life Stole your innocence You want to be at any cost But you’re […]

Betrayer – Kreator

adventurous. We had planned to film in front of the Akropolis but could not get an official permission, so we did it without. Especially our Greek fans liked this song very much and the audience’s reaction each time we played Athens was mindblowing. This is a song which I use to describe what I feel […]

Ripping Corpse – Kreator

He came from the east with weapons full of blood from newborn children Now he’s here in your town to kill you die at once Until today you’ve lived your live without any sorrow At home you’ve got your child and wife But what will come tomorrow Await the death by the blade Run before […]

Dogmatic Authority – Kreator

Ruin is your profit Meraud the hollow mind Religious passion is not for you Agnostic modern science Suffocate superior forces Tearing down this fortress of control Dogmatic authority falls Alternative to submission Mental emancipation Severance, selection of All powers from above Strong minded in preparation For this sickening mess We’re living in Threat for your […]

Endorama – Kreator

This is the end of all life’s pain Fear, destruction, greed, exists no longer Nothings left now nothing can remain It’s getting closer Follow my friend Endorama is crushing you This the end Expect no mercy Just understand Endorama comes for you This is the end This is the end of your false paradise This […]

After The Attack – Kreator

Fire’s coming down, hot winds blow the smoke away Low screams of the survivers the innocent have paid Nobody knows what happened, light was all they’ve seen People walk through the destruction of the enemy Molten bodies become more and more, No chance to be saved Helpless childreen seek for their parents But they’re into […]

Celestial Deliverance – Kreator

Deception into your soul It will creep Like the foundation of a certain demise Reflection facing a vision so deep Leaves reality seem like a lie Downward, the only way Soulless interaction Beneath you, dragin’ you down Drowning your soul erased Altered state addiction Slowly, into decline Magic enlightment celestial deliverance Taking horrors carry them […]