Performer KREATOR

One Of Us – Kreator

Remember – make your will before you come to this place Choose your weapons and I’ll take mine Me or […]

Catholic Despot – Kreator

Catholic’s dictator Swine without compasion No respect for others life Godsent corrupt saint Rampant, organized crime of the cross Rituals […]

Extreme Aggressions – Kreator

Extreme aggressions From an extremely insane mind Resting unconscious Pushed up by white lines Inhuman violence I never thought it […]

Fatal Energy – Kreator

Lies anymore These tells about A better world A better world for you and me Hate, our hate is growing, […]

A Better Tomorrow – Kreator

New consciousness, one heart, one soul Oppression ends, the time has come So don’t look back, it can be done […]

Ruin Of Life – Kreator

So why don’t you take me away? Ruin Of Life will end in tears, So why don’t you take me […]

Winter Martyrium – Kreator

Lichtenfels, Germany ’92, to give you an impression of the energy exchange between us and our fans. that can only […]

Tyranny – Kreator

Time, getting sick and tired about the way things are So tell me where is all the peace of mind […]

Europe After The Rain – Kreator

Regardless of brutal punishment Indestructable regiment Twice as many lives Perversion never too bizarre Can’t remember who we are Influenced […]

Hidden Dictator – Kreator

No shape, no form, no brain, no mind But the power to control all resistance Its awesome might cannot be […]

Twisted Urges – Kreator

Fulfilling morbid dreams Of those who never have time to sleep Enduring to extremes Held by a promise that they […]

Karmic Wheel – Kreator

That lost the will to be free Dying age a chronicle of forgotten peace Replaced by hate Rescue me for […]

Renewal – Kreator

Innocence will breed new life Disillusion, desparation Free my mind and let it rise Mass enslavement, brutal torment Tomorrow will […]

Reflection – Kreator

Chosen minds are sailing, on waters of departure Leaving spells of deceit, giving light to the blind Dreaming with the […]

Alive Again – Kreator

Faceless and hateful, emotional psychopath Overreaction now you’re not the same Become someone else, hate becomes Alive Again Alive Again, […]

Against The Rest – Kreator

Like a perfect product of your fantasy Embracing me, no rules no leaders Just the purest power of integrity All […]

Shadowland – Kreator

Self destruction everywhere A restless soul on it’s search for an answer Sees through this masquerade of dispair In a […]

Son Of Evil – Kreator

Masquarade as he rides through the night Blitzkrieg torture blade shining bright In his eyes dreams of pain As he […]

Material World Paranoia – Kreator

SOLO – FRANK Dehumanization through industrialization Bring fear to the masses of reincarnation Manic frustration deterioration Nature fights back for […]

Golden Age – Kreator

Deeper than you know Reality is gone Yet so much to show Let me take you down Let us look […]

Toxic Trace – Kreator

Total pollution the earth can’t stand much longer Chemical industry brings new diseases The fear of self-destruction is growing stronger […]

Endless Pain – Kreator

You cry out the aggression that is in you everyday You want to kill the enemies if they cross your […]

Carrion – Kreator

Lights are flashing down the alleys the reaper has arrived The medieval brutality is still alive The death machines of […]

Nonconformist – Kreator

Become a capitalist and follow blind Staring into empty eyes I can’t see no more truth behind those lies I […]

Riot Of Violence – Kreator

Greedy for blood paralysed by power Decision to die tales of terror Deep in the corner Passion to kill Corpse […]

Future King – Kreator

This time your truth just offers nothing new Walking down the empty streets of never-ending tragedy Nothing here can touch […]

The Chosen Few – Kreator

I’ve seen the fire within your eyes My mind it screams for shelter now I know i’ve got to resist […]

Men Without God – Kreator

Planet left by its god Ideology died and the vision is gone Opression part of the plot Degrading life into […]

The Pestilence – Kreator

Cemetary of hades riting flesh of death Skulls and bones are decaying Corpses limbs and deadly carnage Massacre and crime […]

Betrayer – Kreator

adventurous. We had planned to film in front of the Akropolis but could not get an official permission, so we […]

Ripping Corpse – Kreator

He came from the east with weapons full of blood from newborn children Now he’s here in your town to […]

Dogmatic Authority – Kreator

Ruin is your profit Meraud the hollow mind Religious passion is not for you Agnostic modern science Suffocate superior forces […]

Endorama – Kreator

This is the end of all life’s pain Fear, destruction, greed, exists no longer Nothings left now nothing can remain […]

After The Attack – Kreator

Fire’s coming down, hot winds blow the smoke away Low screams of the survivers the innocent have paid Nobody knows […]