Good Christian Soldier – Kris Kristofferson

He said Lord I wanna be a Christian soldier just like you And fight to build a new and better day Now many years and miles from Oklahoma That same young Okie boy still kneels to pray But he don’t pray to be no Christian soldier anymore He just prays to make it through another […]

Mean Old Man – Kris Kristofferson

If I look like a mean old man that’s what I am If I look like a mean old man who’ll do you any way he can To break your heart and kiss your hand that’s what I am And if I look like a good old friend that’s what I am If I look […]

Between Heaven And Here – Kris Kristofferson

Maybe life done you so dirty you’ll never be free Look what you’re doing to someone who surreally loves you Is that the lonesome old way you wanted to be (I didn’t think so) Partner I know we could be soul to soul if we want to Lord ain’t it worth it there’s so little […]

Love Don’t Live Here Anymore – Kris Kristofferson

Nothin’s left between us but the space between us love don’t live here anymore Faded photographs dusty dreams lying scattered on the floor Nothin’s here to bind us to the years behind us love don’t live here anymore Never sharing nothing we don’t care I got nothing close to nothing you’d care to hear Nail […]

Just The Other Side Of Nowhere – Kris Kristofferson

To this big time lonesome town. They got a lotta ice an’ snow here, Half as cold as all the people I’ve found. Every way I try to go here, Seems to bring me down. I seen about enough to know where I belong. I’ve got a mind to see the headlights shinin’, On that […]

Billy Dee – Kris Kristofferson

fooling with some foolish things he could’ve left alone but he had to try to satisfy a thirst he couldn’t name driven towards the darkness by the devil in his veins all around the honky tonks, searching for a sign gettin’ by on gettin’ high on women, words and wine some folks called him crazy, […]

It’s All Over (All Over Again) – Kris Kristofferson

And you know that I feel the same We’ve grown too lonesome together (Oh, yes we have) And all that we share is the blame. Let’s take a chance while there’s something to say Oh darling, don’t throw it away We know that we’ve both got so much to lose And the rest of our […]

I Fought The Law – Kris Kristofferson

I fought the law and the law won I needed money cause I had none I fought the law and the law won I fought the law and the law won I left my baby and I feel so bad I guess the race is run Cause he’s the best man I ever had I […]

Same Old Songs – Kris Kristofferson

Pickin’ every single little lick I could just to please the man Harlan sang the lead for half and we split up the rest Hangin’ on through the heavy times and hopin’ for the best I can’t recall the names of all them places that we played in All them squirrely party girls and pills […]

Highwayman – Kris Kristofferson

With sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade Many a soldier shed his lifeblood on my blade The bastards hung me in the spring of twenty-five But I am still alive. I was a sailor. I was born upon the tide And with the sea I […]

Rock And Roll Time – Kris Kristofferson

A threat to the future you planned yesterday I fought from my freedom some called it a crime Convicted of running on rock and roll time I said rock and roll time yeah please take me away To the whiskey and wine or some other day And if sometimes it seems I’m falling behind Remember […]

Promise – Kris Kristofferson

The laughter and the wonder in your eyes Saved me from the shuttered man I used to be opened up the windows of my life And the happiness you’ve given me for lovin’ you is sweeter love and deeper every day I can’t stop the changes that you’re growin’ through Or someone new from stealing […]

Eddie The Eunuch – Kris Kristofferson

Makin’ believin’ he was evil struttin’ in his mama’s clothes So you know that Eddie had a bad connection baby never had a chance to ball Sleepin’ in the wrong direction baby dreamin’ he was ten feet tall Eddie the Eunuch is a rock and roll critic suckin’ like a super star Slicker than a […]

Prisoner – Kris Kristofferson

Sweeping old illusions from my soul But most of all for turning something simple and sincere Into somethin’ jaded and as jive as rock and roll Ain’t you always looked at lovin’ like a four letter word That I’ve made up to make you ill at ease I fought to free you from your castle […]

Jesus Was A Capricorn – Kris Kristofferson

He believed in love and peace and never wore no shoes Long hair beard and sandals and the funky bunch of friends Reckon they’d just nail him off if he come down again Cause everybody’s gotta have somebody to look down on Who they can feel better than it anytime they please Someone doing something […]

I’ll Take Any Chance I Can With You – Kris Kristofferson

Now we’re coming to that point of no returnin’ do you really wanna try Are the reasons or the changes any better than before Are we into something more than we imagined that we really can’t afford Does it matter anymore You’re the biggest gamble that I’ve ever tried to win Maybe more than I […]

Stranger – Kris Kristofferson

Maybe I was too cause I was stoned Singin’ ever sad song on the jukebox one more time Honey they were hittin’ close to home And I said maybe this’ll make you think I’m crazy Honey don’t feel lonesome if you do If you wanna make a young man happy one more time I’d sure […]

Forever In Your Love – Kris Kristofferson

Dreamers make believe in making love to last forever Losers can’t believe in anything at all Hey we never meant to fall so hard but don’t be sorry Think of all the love we made us since you used to be afraid of Staring at those starry skies above our lives and now you’re free […]

Blue As I Do – Kris Kristofferson

Sundown’s come down along with that nighttime crowd Bookends good friends thoughts of the past Your time is my time as long as it last I felt too good for too long to feel as blue as I do Chain smokin’ all jokin’ aside Wishin’ and waitin’ and hesitatin’ tryin’ to take it all in […]

You’re Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning – Kris Kristofferson

Heaven knows that some man has abused you I guess that’s why you think I’m gonna use you You’d hate yourself in the morning cause you wake up and I’ll be gone You give me just one more chance I can prove you’re wrong And you’re gonna love yourself in the morning cause I’m gonna […]

Out Of Mind Out Of Sight – Kris Kristofferson

Join your brothers in the van You ain’t bum in Birmingham and you ain’t one of us We don’t really give a damn London is a hundred miles away from where we’re at And a thousand years behind Splitin’ from the sorry gag that left us feeling flat Out of sight and out of mind […]

Fallen Angel – Kris Kristofferson

It’s sad to see we may never be the way we were before We don’t believe in the magic of the music anymore And everything’s older now and colder and grey Oh darling I believe there’s got to be a better way It seems to me we’ve forgotten how to let our feelings show We […]

Help Me Make It Through The Nights – Kris Kristofferson

Layin’ soft upon my skin. like the shadows on the wall. Come and lay down by my side till the early morning light All I’m takin’ is your time. help me make it through the night. I don’t care what’s right or wrong, I don’t try to understand. Let the devil take tomorrow. lord, tonight […]

Love Is The Way – Kris Kristofferson

Born in the splendor of God’s holy vision and sliding away like a tear down his face The closer you see the whole wide holy wonder Of oceans and mountains and rivers and trees And the strangest creation of many the human A creature of laughter and freedom and dreams [ guitar ] Now the […]

The Pilgrim – Chapter 33 – Kris Kristofferson

Wearin’ yesterday’s misfortunes like a smile– Once he had a future full of money, love, and dreams, Which he spent like they was goin’ outa style– And he keeps right on a’changin’ for the better or the worse, Searchin’ for a shrine he’s never found– Never knowin’ if believin’ is a blessin’ or a curse, […]

Late John Garfield Blues – Kris Kristofferson

Where the wind leaned its weight Wind blows scars and top down cars All share one western trait Sadness leaks through tear stained cheeks From winos to dime store Jews Probably don’t know they gave me These late John Garfield blues Verse 2:Midnight fell on Franklin street The lamp bulbs’s always broke For the life […]

Bigger The Fool (The Harder The Fall) – Kris Kristofferson

I couldn’t help myself girl and I can’t blame you The bigger the fool the harder the fall Livin’ on old illusions and some make believe that mattered to me most of all Closin’ my eyes to changes I’ve refused to see the bigger the fool the harder the fall Somewhere in your future on […]

Give It Time To Be Tender – Kris Kristofferson

I feel the hunger you feel in your touch burning my body and soul And it’s frightenin’ just wantin’ somebody so much so close to losing control But darling don’t make me surrender too soon I’m so afraid of the fall Please give it time to be tender and pretend it won’t hurt at all […]

Shipwrecked In The Eighties – Kris Kristofferson

Chained to whatever you got that you can’t throw away And you’re shootin’ through space on this river of life that you’re ridin’ And it’s whirlin’ and suckin’ you deeper on down every day So you turn to your trusty old partner to share some old feelings And you find to your shock that your […]

If You Don’t Like Hank Williams (Kiss My Ass) – Kris Kristofferson

And I think Waylon Jennings is a table thumpin’ smash Hearin’ Joni Mitchell feels as good as smokin’ grass If you don’t like Hank Williams honey you can kiss my ass Cause I think what they’ve done is well worth doin’ And they’re doin’ it the best way that they can You’re the only one […]

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