Bigger The Fool (The Harder The Fall) – Kris Kristofferson

I couldn’t help myself girl and I can’t blame you The bigger the fool the harder the fall Livin’ on old illusions and some make believe that mattered to me most of all Closin’ my eyes to changes I’ve refused to see the bigger the fool the harder the fall Somewhere in your future on […]

Give It Time To Be Tender – Kris Kristofferson

I feel the hunger you feel in your touch burning my body and soul And it’s frightenin’ just wantin’ somebody so much so close to losing control But darling don’t make me surrender too soon I’m so afraid of the fall Please give it time to be tender and pretend it won’t hurt at all […]

Shipwrecked In The Eighties – Kris Kristofferson

Chained to whatever you got that you can’t throw away And you’re shootin’ through space on this river of life that you’re ridin’ And it’s whirlin’ and suckin’ you deeper on down every day So you turn to your trusty old partner to share some old feelings And you find to your shock that your […]

If You Don’t Like Hank Williams (Kiss My Ass) – Kris Kristofferson

And I think Waylon Jennings is a table thumpin’ smash Hearin’ Joni Mitchell feels as good as smokin’ grass If you don’t like Hank Williams honey you can kiss my ass Cause I think what they’ve done is well worth doin’ And they’re doin’ it the best way that they can You’re the only one […]

Hoola Hoop – Kris Kristofferson

Floats a note down to the lowlands and another star is born Then he turns another billion and he deals a little porn Hoo hoola hoop hoo hoola hoop hoo hoola hoop I ain’t never been to art school but I kinda like Picasso All his women look Egyptian but then what the hell do […]

Killing Time – Kris Kristofferson

Looking tired gettin’ cold And that signal light they waitin’ for don’t ever seem to change Killing time ain’t it slow Watch them bending with the burden of the pennies that they save Marking time growin’ old Slowly marchin’ by the numbers to the freedom of the grave Killing time ain’t it slow That’s the […]

Love Of Money – Kris Kristofferson

Love of money is the work of the devil love of money She began running for the border and her life Like the wind straight into the terror of the night She survived bargainin’ her body for their gold In the end all she had to sell ’em was her soul that’s the way it […]

Little Things – Kris Kristofferson

You never send me flowers or ever buy me candy You never bring me pretty things when you come to see me And you forgot my birthday oh I wish you could see How I miss the little things that you don’t do for me You never say that I look nice or that you’re […]

The Best Of All Possible Worlds – Kris Kristofferson

And kill the old familiar pain weavin’ thru my tangled brain When I tipped my bottle back and smacked into a cop I didn’t see That police man said, mister cool, if you ain’t drunk, then you’re a Fool. I said, if that’s against the law, then tell me why I never saw A man […]

Killer Barracuda – Kris Kristofferson

Like a shadow in the water pretty barracuda dagger of the devil waitin’ to kill Little girl beware of the killer barracuda he rules these waters like a king He’ll cut your heart out slicker than a dagger not cause he’s hungry cause he’s mean You can see the shark now glidin’ through the water […]

Whiskey Whiskey – Kris Kristofferson

A little like this quiet night before the cold winds came She’s a little bit like the weather I never know when she’s gonna change She’s a part of my heart and a whole lot of my pain So whiskey whiskey my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Milk of mercy plase […]

Slow Down – Kris Kristofferson

Take time (take time) to understand The things (the things) you hope to win Before (before) your journey’s end Slow down (slow down) and try to do The things (the things) that’s right for you You know the soul you save could be your own Albert Abernathy never spent a foolish dime Rising at the […]

To Make A Long Story Short (She’s Gone) – Kris Kristofferson

I see nothing to be gained by explanations No need to try and say who’s right or who was wrong No need to enter into lengthy dissertations To make a long story short she’s gone I won’t attempt to explain the things that happened To put in words why she’s not here take too long […]

Born To Love Me – Kris Kristofferson

Not many’d say you’re handsome cause they don’t realize That the best is often hidden from another’s eyes But in the quiet moments that’s when you stop to shine And every night I’m thankful that you’re mine mmm that you are mine Cause you were born to love me in your gentle way Born to […]

One For The Money – Kris Kristofferson

I’ve seen the sweat streak of the pain on your face Cause you’re caught like a clown in a circle of strangers Who do you screw to get out of this place It’s one for the money and too far to go Three fingers of whiskey just for the soul That lady you’re pleasing is […]

To Beat The Devil – Kris Kristofferson

and I was looking for a place to get myself out of the cold, to warm the frozen feeling that was eating at my soul, and keep the chilly wind off my guitar; my thirsty wanted whiskey, my hungry needed beans; but it’d been a month of pay days since I’d heard that eagle scream; […]

Smokey Put The Sweat On Me – Kris Kristofferson

New York City to the Golden Gate I’ve lived with some, and buddy, I loved ’em all. (Yes, I did) But no one woman had a claim on me ‘Cause I still had a lotta world to see And I sometimes stagger, but sugar, I seldom fall. Then like a hungry man, I went to […]

Daddy’s Song – Kris Kristofferson

I sorta looked for some mess that she’d made or her sweet little socks on the floor But all that she left here was too many rooms and just enough silence to break And I can’t look at her picture right now time’s about all I can take Last night I sewed up her toys […]

Easy Come On – Kris Kristofferson

Everybody told her she was crazy lovin’ all the love away for free People hate to see you make it Easy they’ll never understand Some take life for granted cause it seems to take so long Easy takes it any way she can Easy come on take it easy come on here we go again […]

Duvalier’s Dream – Kris Kristofferson

That brought a new betrayal every day. He shunned the world of mortals and the sound of human tongues And blessed the night that chased their sight away. A disillusioned dreamer who would never love again Who’d tried of it and found that it was rotten. Prefering perfect strangers to the company of friends Because […]

What Do You Think About Lovin’ – Kris Kristofferson

Well loving loving loving wo oh wo oh Well what do you think about loving baby (it’s alright) Well what do you think about loving baby (it’s alright) I said what do you think about loving baby (it’s alright) In the morning in the evening yeah and in the night wo oh wo oh Well […]

You Left Me A Long Long Time Ago – Kris Kristofferson

You tell me today that you’re leaving But just think a while I’m sure that you must know Today might be the day that you walk away but you left me a long long time ago Today is just the day that ends it all except the usual mem’rieshat always linger on And today might […]

Smile At Me Again – Kris Kristofferson

Waitin’ for the signal light to change Breathin’ somethin’ bitter that was burnin’ my eyes Thinkin’ I’d go drink myself back home on the range Shot down and sinking fast on Sunset Strip Holdin’ onto somethin’ in my head Everything gets heavy when you’re losin’ your grip Nothing looks as empty as a motel bed […]

They Killed Him – Kris Kristofferson

He knew the deal was down and dirty and nothing wrong could make it right away But he knew his duty and the price he had to pay Just another holy man who tried to make a stand my God they killed him Another man from Atlanta Georgia by the name of Martin Luther King […]

It Sure Was (Love) – Kris Kristofferson

They said what do you think you would do If she told you that she’d been untrue I said I won’t say I won’t be sorry no It sure was love while it lasted They said how will you feel deep inside When the love you believe in has died I ain’t say it won’t […]

Loving You Was Easier – Kris Kristofferson

Aching with the feeling of the freedom of an eagle when she flies Turning on the world the way she smiled upon my soul as I lay dying Healing as the colors in the sunshine and the shadows of your eyes Waking in the morning to the feeling of your fingers on my skin Wiping […]

Michoacan – Kris Kristofferson

Things that I seen that I couldn’t be leaving behind me Down in this hole in the ground there ain’t nothing to see But down in Michoacan paradise waits for me North of the border the bodies are bought and they’re sold boy Me and a brother was caught turning green into gold I’m gonna […]

What About Me – Kris Kristofferson

He said he left his soul there overseas The notion he defended doesn’t matter anymore And circumstance had brought him to his knees We sat there in the stilness of a cold and empty room Down the hall I heard a baby cry He looked up from the potion he was cooking in a spoon […]

Don’t Let The Bastards (Get You Down) – Kris Kristofferson

We’ve been down that sorry road before They let us hang around a little longer than they should have And it’s too late to fool us anymore We’ve seen the ones who killed the ones with vision Cold-blooded murder right before your eyes Today they hold the power and the money and the guns It’s […]

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