Butterfly – Kylie Minogue

In the morning i’ll wake up with you There’s not anything i would rather do You are more than you’ll […]

Limbo – Kylie Minogue

Those all around me They tend to my wounds and alert my senses And it would be nice But i’m […]

Jump – Kylie Minogue

If i’m hungry let me have it If i’m cold let my skin rise If i’m wrong let me learn […]

Breathe – Kylie Minogue

I’m needy, i need to taste it all Don’t doubt me just because i am quiet I’m thinking, thinking about […]

Free – Kylie Minogue

Lights go by makes stars in my eyes It’s cold out, and its warm in When I had you by […]

Shocked – Kylie Minogue

Tell me i’m only dreaming and i’ll believe you Can’t see how this could be true Surrounded by feelings i […]

Burning Up – Kylie Minogue

Everything stops Walking in solo Everyone drops Hey summer madness Totally cool My heart starts racing When i see you […]

Fever – Kylie Minogue

Something that can’t be cured There aint a doctor in this town who is more qualified than you Yeah to […]

All I See – Kylie Minogue

Oh oh oh Weekend has arrived Everybody’s tryin to find Something to get into My friends wanna go out But […]

Someday – Kylie Minogue

I’m going home, I want my records back, To get my heart on track, You think I can’t be alone, […]

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