Love Affair – Kylie Minogue

In a waking dream The night is young But isn’t long If you know what I mean Oh it’s beautiful The thought of what might be Close your eyes so you can see I am only here for a little while Would you like to take me out tonight Maybe we could talk for a […]

Did It Again – Kylie Minogue

Think you are but you think too much Shut down turn around Don’t look that way any more Clever girl Think you know but you don’t know much Try to make a move Go to a different door You know it’s all in your head You better put that business to bed By your fair […]

In Your Eyes – Kylie Minogue

In this crowded place there is only you Was gonna to leave now I have to stay You have taken my breath away Is the world still spinning around I don’t feel like coming down It’s in your eyes I can tell what your thinking My heart is sinking too It’s no surprise I’ve been […]

No World Without You – Kylie Minogue

The sweet perfume of flowers in bloom Remind me of you But you’re more than just a memory The things that you do to me If only you knew 1b: I’ve tried hard, had to be strong Now i don’t know if i can go on Chorus: There’s no world without you I miss you, […]

If I Was Your Lover – Kylie Minogue

And never realize that way i feel about you My tongue gets tied and my mouth gets dry I wanna tell you but i don’t know how to *but through every night i dream Hope and pray and believe That someday you and i will live in ecstasy The world for you and me **one […]

Someday – Kylie Minogue

I’m going home, I want my records back, To get my heart on track, You think I can’t be alone, Well this woman’s here to show you, oh, Someday, The lights will fall and you will know, If you do it slowly, You might just find it’s worth it all, Precious stone, Life goes on, […]

I Believe In You – Kylie Minogue

Although you know my name I don’t believe the faults I have Are only mine to blame I don’t believe in magic It’s only in the mind I don’t believe i’d love somebody Just to pass the time.. But I..i..i.. believe in you And I..i..i.. believe in you I don’t believe that beauty Will ever […]

Things Can Only Get Better – Kylie Minogue

Make up your mind and don’t believe It’s bad news everywhere Take your time and look around Because there’s something in the air There’s a feeling that’s gaining ground And everyone can have a share Don’t miss your chance Take up your stance And just be sure that you are there Chorus: It’s in your […]

Wouldn’t Change A Thing – Kylie Minogue

1a: Some people don’t understand What i see in you If only they knew They think my head’s in the sand They’ll never see The best side of you Is my heart ruling my mind Maybe i’m not right every time But i know i’m right about this love of mine Chorus: If i had […]

Confide In Me – Kylie Minogue

I stand in the distance I view from afar Should i offer some assistance Should it matter who you are Bridge: We all get hurt by love And we all have our cross to bear But in the name of understanding now Our problems should be shared Chorus: Confide in me, confide in me 2: […]

Disco Down – Kylie Minogue

’bout the days when we were wishing We could fly and touch the sky Laughing meeting under cover Running hiding from your mother Lf we tried we could do anything And when the dj came to town People came from all around Baby l still recall those things And ooh, i’m missing you now I’m […]

Turn It Into Love – Kylie Minogue

Do you believe i’d let you down Your jealous heart gave you the runaround You couldn’t see That i would always be your friend 1b: If you can look inside your heart And understand what’s tearing you apart You gotta trust someone Don’t let hate get in the way Chorus: Just turn it into love […]

Bittersweet Goodbye – Kylie Minogue

Will you keep me warm and hold me tight All we have is until the dawn Let the night be long and ease the dawn I love you more than you’ll ever know It hurts to see you go So darling sing me a lullaby Bittersweet goodbye Don’t think about the future now These few […]

Love At First Sight – Kylie Minogue

Never thought i would fall for a stranger Never thought i’d be so naive Trying explaining the strangest behaviour But this never happend to me 1b: I just met the boy of of my dreams He smiled at me from afar Before i could think about leaving He was holding me in his arms Chorus: […]

Where In The World? – Kylie Minogue

There’ll never me Another moment like this The touch of your hand May me this Is our final kiss And I don’t know why You’re leaving tonight It’s so hard to believe am I dreaming Or is this goodbye CHORUS: Where in the world will I be without you If you are leaving Where is […]

Cosmic – Kylie Minogue

I wanted to get a view of the earth I wanted to be a lonesome cowboy I wanted to love you till it hurt I wanted the right to misbehave To say she ain’t my grave I put these things aside for years Till laughter took the place of tears It’s like I was asleep […]

Chocolate – Kylie Minogue

I’d slowly lost my fight with every single man a river cried I had no sensation, completely numb I felt no satisfaction I thought no one could ever get me high again I swear I was not looking I’ve waited so long, I thought the real thing was a fake, I thought it was a […]

Let’s Get To It – Kylie Minogue

Let’s get to it Make it happen Need your touch oh so much Don’t you see Let’s get to it right away 1: Let’s get the sun in our day Let’s turn a spark to a flame Let’s get this thing on the move My heart is longing to prove That maybe without you The […]

More More More – Kylie Minogue

I just can get enough More, More, More, More, More, More, More Here am I with my desire Feel it burning just for you My, oh my, this love divine is talking me to somewhere new Just slide Get your body down, down, down And glide I gotta feel you all around Boy you got […]

Dancing Queen – Kylie Minogue

See that girl, watch that scene, dig in the Dancing Queen Friday night and the lights are low Looking out for the place to go Where they play the right music, getting in the swing You come in to look for a King Anybody could be that guy Night is young and the music’s high […]

Obsession – Kylie Minogue

I fall from my pedestal, And then you can rescue me, All the world can see, You’re the centre of it all, We gave it our best try, But then it was goodbye, We were better off alone, But now that’s all gone for you, And life is wrong for you, But I can’t help […]

Slow – Kylie Minogue

So I put my best dress on Boy I was so right Our eyes connected Now nothing’s how it used to be No second guesses Track in on this feeling Pull focus close up you and me Nobody’s leaving Got me affected Spun me 180 degrees It’s so electric Slow down and dance with me […]

Your Love – Kylie Minogue

Now is the time to express my love Want you to hear my confession You’re my obsession Do what you will do but i can’t help the way i feel for you Your love’s got me going around and around And it’s taking me over Your love’s got me tumbling upside down And i want […]

Always Find The Time – Kylie Minogue

You’re the first thing in the morning And the last thing at night And i’ll always hear you calling You’re always on my mind 1b: I don’t want no-one but you, ooh ooh And i don’t need a second string I don’t want a share of you, ooh, ooh I wanna be your everything Chorus: […]

Spinning Around – Kylie Minogue

Oooh-oh I’m spinning around Move out of my way I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it like this I’m breakin’ it down I’m not the same I know you’re feelin’ me ‘cuz you like it like this Clearin’ this house out of joy that i borrowed From back in the day Threw away […]

Put Yourself In My Place – Kylie Minogue

I can’t take this situation It’s making me feel so blue One moment you walked into my life And now You’re saying that we’re through 1b: I hear that you’re in love now Baby, don’t know what to say I can’t believe that i still feel this way I hear that you’re in love now […]

Give Me Just A Little More Time – Kylie Minogue

Give me just a little more time And our love will surely grow Give me just a little more time And our love will surely grow 1: Life’s too short to make a mistake Let’s think of each other and hesitate Young and impatient we may be There’s no need to act foolishly If we […]

Through The Years – Kylie Minogue

My body is blazing The flames alight and lick at my ear So that i can only hear Muddled words of you Through the years Too many a trusted word was said My body was porous I savoured every drop of you Took me it all as true Now i wonder my way Through the […]

Too Far – Kylie Minogue

Trapped my very own self in the snare of my mind No more space than a slither What i’d give for deep breath inside Where the chaos has me captive Where there’s no exit sign Where i fuel the stupid fire with these feelings of mine Lured into this den It’s bitter and i want […]

I Don’t Need Anyone – Kylie Minogue

I feel like liquid I give in to you I melt into you I felt like nothing Was said and done I fall into you I fall into you I don’t need anyone Except for someone that i don’t know I don’t need anyone Except for someone i’ve not found Your signature Is on my […]