Speakerphone – Kylie Minogue

Lights Mind Eyes Hearts Lights (Flashin) Sound (Crashin) Minds (Blowin) Body (Rockin) Eyes (Lockin) Lips (Touchin) Hearts (Pumpin) Pressure (Risin) […]

Falling – Kylie Minogue

Kiss the past till it’s better Make it last if you can Tell me know you regret her I’ll try […]

Wow – Kylie Minogue

I’m into you, I can’t resist, You’re so hot (get me into the shade) The spotlight’s on You take me […]

Celebration – Kylie Minogue

Wah-ho Wah-ho Wah-ho [MAIN:] Celebration good times, come on It’s a celebration Celebration good times, come on Let’s celebrate [1:] […]

Loving Days – Kylie Minogue

escape, Surrender to your heart, Giving in to all of this, Fascinated by your kiss, I’m floating in your arms, […]

The One – Kylie Minogue

Starlight shimmers everywhere There’s a certain something in the air Can you feel what I feel in me? It’s in […]

Loveboat – Kylie Minogue

We’re anchored offshore Martinis and bikinis Oh, l’amour Loved up in lame Quest ce qu’on va faire Live your love […]

Stars – Kylie Minogue

What to do with these feelings That you have inside surreal Yeah yeah yeah yeah When you look deep into […]

Promises – Kylie Minogue

Remember how you promised me, That life would always be good, You forget the fact you lied to me, You […]

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