One Boy Girl – Kylie Minogue

You know i’m a one boy girl 1: Some girls, say in their world They couldn’t bear to have just him But i, don’t need a load of guys To pump up my self esteem Girl what you doin’ with just one guy Given’ all my lovin’ What you gonna do when There’s lipstick on […]

Please Stay – Kylie Minogue

The moment that we met And till the end of time I never will forget I lose it every time i’m close to you Under your spell you know there’s nothing i can do Chorus: Please stay my babe Who knows when we’ll dance again No matter what to no regret I’ll do all that […]

Heart Beat Rock – Kylie Minogue

Boys in the back street Girls in their tight wash Figure hugging blue jeans They’re looking like they want To show out what they got Their feet are itching to dance Their bodies ready to rock I’ve been around the world But I’m not those other girls I’m feeling special do you like what you […]

Breathe – Kylie Minogue

I’m needy, i need to taste it all Don’t doubt me just because i am quiet I’m thinking, thinking about it all I’m helpless about the way of me I’m thinking, thinking about it all I’m sorting everything inside I’m looking in the space This time, this void I’m making my way through the muddy […]

Time Will Pass You By – Kylie Minogue

1: Passing seasons over fade away Into misty clouds of autumn grey As i sit here looking at the street Little figures quickly moving feet I’m just a pebble on the beach and i Sit and wonder why Little people running around Never knowing why Chorus: Life is just a precious minute baby Open up […]

Tears On My Pillow – Kylie Minogue

You don’t remember me But i remember you T’was not so long ago You broke my heart in two Chorus: Tears on my pillow Pain in my heart Caused by you 2: If we could start anew I wouldn’t hesitate I’d gladly take you back And tempt the hand of fate Chorus: 3: Love is […]

Automatic Love – Kylie Minogue

It seems i’ve lost all my memories and all of my tears * i know why i’m so crazy i don’t care ’cause it’s you that makes me so beware Ypu put me on automatic love, there’s no return I’m on automatic love nothing can stop me I’m on automatic love come on and turn […]

Better The Devil You Know – Kylie Minogue

Better the devil you know Better the devil you know Woh Better the devil you know Better the devil you know Woh woh woh 1: Say you won’t leave me no more I’ll take you back again No more excuses no, no ‘cos i’ve heard them all before A hundred times or more Chorus: I’ll […]

Too Much Of A Good Thing – Kylie Minogue

We’re gonna do it, let’s get to it I hope you enjoy this as much as i do 1: If i give you my love Don’t refuse it Won’t wear it out If we use it It’s something special So don’t abuse it Once you’ve got it I promise you won’t lose it Chorus: Too […]

My Secret Heart – Kylie Minogue

I look at your picture And stare into space I think i must know Every line on your face And you’ll never know The feelings i keep Like the man in the moon You’re way out of reach So dreams are all i have Because we’re worlds apart All alone with my secret heart 2: […]

Free – Kylie Minogue

Lights go by makes stars in my eyes It’s cold out, and its warm in When I had you by my side And I love this its special When the breeze is on my face For now and for always I’ll dream about this time and place This is the feeling I want for always […]

Right Here, Right Now – Kylie Minogue

My desire’s getting stronger I can’t hold back any longer Next to me you belong Now i’m living for the moment When you’re gonna come on over to me Chorus: ‘cos i want you to be Right here right now I believe You were meant to be Right here right now Right here right now […]

Like A Drug – Kylie Minogue

You got Me feelin’ crazy ’bout my body I, I cannot cannot stop it You got Me movin’, got Me rockin’ rockin’ Make Me feel like I can make it real You got Me hooked, gettin’ Me on the floor If I’m a tease and You’re the one to please, I want more Make Me […]

Red Blooded Woman – Kylie Minogue

Yeah… ah, ah, ah, ah, ah Count backwards 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Before you get too heated and turned on (and turned on) You should’ve learned your lesson all in times before You’ve been bruised, you’ve been broken And theres my mind saying think before you go Through that door it could lead you […]

I’m Over Dreaming (over You) – Kylie Minogue

You’re stringing me along With just a hope to carry on That hurts me And you know i’ve tried To keep my tears held back inside 1b: But why am i waiting for you When you treat me like you do Chorus: You can’t keep me hanging on Now the magic’s gone I’m over dreaming […]

2 Hearts – Kylie Minogue

I… I need, I need you. I… I need, I need you. I… I need, I need you. 1. Strophe I never said I wasn’t gonna tell nobody, no baby, but this good loving I can’t keep it to myself, oh no. When we’re together it’s like hot coals in a fire, ha baby, my […]

Shocked – Kylie Minogue

Tell me i’m only dreaming and i’ll believe you Can’t see how this could be true Surrounded by feelings i hardly recognise I look for explanations i’m taken by surprise If you told me yesterday that i could feel this way I would sure enough call you a liar to your face Chorus: Because i’m […]

What Do I Have To Do – Kylie Minogue

Whats that sound P-p-p-play it Let’s get a little information to work with Aah, love you love you Aah, love you love you 1a: Don’t tell me that it’s no use Love’s always been my excuse Don’t tell me it ain’t right My heart is my alibi 1b: Only you (you), you (you) Get me […]

Burning Up – Kylie Minogue

Everything stops Walking in solo Everyone drops Hey summer madness Totally cool My heart starts racing When i see you I’m burning up baby I’m burning up Can you feel it burning me My pulse is pumping My heart may burst If you drink me up i’m Gonna quench your thirst You’re not honest No […]

Made Of Glass – Kylie Minogue

It wasn’t always so We did it in the darkness We did it in the cold Caught in a fairly extraordinary world It’s emotional Where talking it rarely that necessary And time doesn’t count at all Bohemian boys and Brazillian girls A familliar noise in unfamilliar worlds It’s like a million beats in a Parisian […]

Fever – Kylie Minogue

Something that can’t be cured There aint a doctor in this town who is more qualified than you Yeah to be so adored So tell me what do you prescribe for these symptoms A heart beating faster and work is a disaster I’m lovesick when you’re not around Check me over When strong hands and […]

Secret (Take You Home) – Kylie Minogue

I’m on a mission to whip you into a hurricane And when I overtake I’m gonna be in pole position yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah Are you ready for the change If I let you stay, If I let you play Will you lose or win You can’t kiss and tell Will you pass it or fail Let the […]

All I See – Kylie Minogue

Oh oh oh Weekend has arrived Everybody’s tryin to find Something to get into My friends wanna go out But I can’t cancel my plans Got a date with my baby He’s taking me out So I’m gonna catch up with you Some other day Gotta go Can’t make him wait Tonight Have to make […]

Love Affair – Kylie Minogue

In a waking dream The night is young But isn’t long If you know what I mean Oh it’s beautiful The thought of what might be Close your eyes so you can see I am only here for a little while Would you like to take me out tonight Maybe we could talk for a […]

Did It Again – Kylie Minogue

Think you are but you think too much Shut down turn around Don’t look that way any more Clever girl Think you know but you don’t know much Try to make a move Go to a different door You know it’s all in your head You better put that business to bed By your fair […]

In Your Eyes – Kylie Minogue

In this crowded place there is only you Was gonna to leave now I have to stay You have taken my breath away Is the world still spinning around I don’t feel like coming down It’s in your eyes I can tell what your thinking My heart is sinking too It’s no surprise I’ve been […]

No World Without You – Kylie Minogue

The sweet perfume of flowers in bloom Remind me of you But you’re more than just a memory The things that you do to me If only you knew 1b: I’ve tried hard, had to be strong Now i don’t know if i can go on Chorus: There’s no world without you I miss you, […]

If I Was Your Lover – Kylie Minogue

And never realize that way i feel about you My tongue gets tied and my mouth gets dry I wanna tell you but i don’t know how to *but through every night i dream Hope and pray and believe That someday you and i will live in ecstasy The world for you and me **one […]

Someday – Kylie Minogue

I’m going home, I want my records back, To get my heart on track, You think I can’t be alone, Well this woman’s here to show you, oh, Someday, The lights will fall and you will know, If you do it slowly, You might just find it’s worth it all, Precious stone, Life goes on, […]

I Believe In You – Kylie Minogue

Although you know my name I don’t believe the faults I have Are only mine to blame I don’t believe in magic It’s only in the mind I don’t believe i’d love somebody Just to pass the time.. But I..i..i.. believe in you And I..i..i.. believe in you I don’t believe that beauty Will ever […]

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