Performer LAMB OF-GOD

In Your Words – Lamb Of God

Dripping temptation for hypocrites to death she’s beaten The prosperous endlessly stating the obvious Caught in your words, sever the […]

The Faded Line – Lamb Of God

It’s fucking hopeless Accutsations and denial. Hopeless… demon of another day Colorless… stoned, solide grey Emptiness… of promises I made […]

Hourglass – Lamb Of God

Blessed with our time in hell Witness a divine vision, the day we all fell still. Rapture of the dying […]

Grace – Lamb Of God

Capacity to disappear in misery saves Soaking, pain as a thrill, hate to instill Compassion’s a cage Forgiving the father […]

Ruin – Lamb Of God

Means the murder of self. This is the resolution The end of all progress The death of evolution It bleeds […]

Omerta – Lamb Of God

Invoke the Siren’s song and sign the death warrant. This what has been wrought for 30 pieces of silver The […]

Vigil – Lamb Of God

I have denied this life its worth I will not be the victim. Sickness to you my master Here’s to […]

Contractor – Lamb Of God

Feeding blood junky habits of the elephant man Quenching his thirst with Black Water rising Executive outcomes on a burning […]

Set To Fail – Lamb Of God

You think you can find who you are in someone else Criticize who already found their positioning You’ve got a […]

Redneck – Lamb Of God

you make it spill on the page. So drunk on your self, self-righteous. The laughing stock of your own fucking […]

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