Performer LEFAY

I Am – Lefay

I am the devil on your back a little demon in your mind I am the harvester of hate a […]

What Dreams Forbode – Lefay

between dimensions and through time I should know though I’m caught here I know what dreams are made of here […]

War Without End – Lefay

still is rolling onward through their trenches damnation bell is tolling a war without survivors destruction is at hand morbid […]

Fatal Illusions – Lefay

feel the cold from barren walls inside his mind the voices call a portrait hanging face betraying wicked gleaming eyes […]

Catacombs – Lefay

against evil they stand gathered together hand in hand too young to avoid their dreams of reality too late to […]

Last Rites – Lefay

with his eyes closed as he thinks of eternity the last meal served on silver plates left a taste of […]

Moonlit Night – Lefay

give the night your secret light and shine on me forever dream – let me dream of wonder don’t wake […]

End Of Living – Lefay

are all my sins forgiven what is my destination when I’m dead nothing can last for ever not here on […]

Epicedium – Lefay

they sigh in vain for life and tears from tired eyes are falling filling ponds with grief bitter thoughts they […]

When Gargolyes Fly – Lefay

with patience they wait for the sign these demons of obscurity shall fly once again – soon they’ll be free […]

Tequila – Lefay

the night before remember nothing as I face the floor a pounding headache a smell of death I guess it […]

Bloodred Sky – Lefay

death is in his hand with empty eyes and a bleeding soul he hardly understand eleven years in prison eleven […]

Child Of Time – Lefay

I’m eternal, I am time I’ll arise as the king of the bloodred skies a shapeless demon the child of […]

So Strange – Lefay

I travel in a dream I swim in darkblue water wake up with a scream I’m on a distant shore […]

Sleepwalker – Lefay

visions kind of talking to me in this dream what I see I can not really comprehend I watch my […]

Cimmerian Dream – Lefay

on the never ending roads I’m trapped within a dream of that I am aware ґcause this can’t be real […]

The Whore Of Babylon – Lefay

two sacred thoughts she holds the chalice with every man’s sin her alabaster skin is covered with purple and gold […]

Save Our Souls – Lefay

it’s breaking the silece of earth the cry for salvation is calling from here out through the dark universe somewhere […]

The Seventh Seal – Lefay

I broke the first four spells and now they are riding eagerly death awaits the ones who live by natures […]

The Choice – Lefay

there’s two doors out of here they’re so identical and both of them is whispering my name in despair I […]