Category: LEFAY

Child Of Time – Lefay

I’m eternal, I am time I’ll arise as the king of the bloodred skies a shapeless demon the child of being I’m a part of the chaos I’ve come to undo the done to wipe out all the living redo rebuild reborn you’re pain gods fear you’re the sin that’s everywhere die with me be […]

So Strange – Lefay

I travel in a dream I swim in darkblue water wake up with a scream I’m on a distant shore lightyears from my world I see a woman half siren and half bird she’s coming close to me touch me with her wings whispering about secret evil things “behold the serpents eye it holds the […]

Sleepwalker – Lefay

visions kind of talking to me in this dream what I see I can not really comprehend I watch my self with something hidden in my hand I see ariver made of tears. I see the essence of my fear as I am lost within my – dream someone’s calling – me as I am […]

Cimmerian Dream – Lefay

on the never ending roads I’m trapped within a dream of that I am aware ̉‘cause this can’t be real there has to be an entrance a door from where I came but every step I take and every little move change the natural laws I’m flying I’m falling what’s wrong with my mind chaotic […]

The Whore Of Babylon – Lefay

two sacred thoughts she holds the chalice with every man’s sin her alabaster skin is covered with purple and gold there she rides on a desolate soul her nefarious actions and fornications are known by this world and the kings who shall come her influence will grow as she sows the seeds of sin there […]

Save Our Souls – Lefay

it’s breaking the silece of earth the cry for salvation is calling from here out through the dark universe somewhere above the waste lands beyond this infected world perhaps in another dimension or time the message the code will be heard save our souls – save us save our souls – save us year after […]

The Boon He Gives – Lefay

– blood from all my twisted souls makes me wonder who I am am I dead or am I damned a broken mirror on the floor reflects my face and thousand more demonlike with evil eyes staring from the glass of lies prisoned here for evermore inside this crystal ball let me out – set […]

The Seventh Seal – Lefay

I broke the first four spells and now they are riding eagerly death awaits the ones who live by natures law the wormwood star is poisoning the wells below behold the rumbling thunders behold the light behold the earthquakes that will bring eternal night there was silence in heaven and fire cast into the earth […]

The Choice – Lefay

there’s two doors out of here they’re so identical and both of them is whispering my name in despair I cry apathy is poisoning my mind will I win or will I lose does it matter what I choose my shadow is silent what else can it be it’s always a secret ones own destiny […]