Let Me Hit It – Silkk The Shocker

I aint trying to come at you wrong(let me hit it)
I wanna know if its cool(504 boys wanna hit it)
2 of my boys(man we)

Let me hit
let me get it
let me hit

let me hit(let me hit it)


I went in the room
and saw a girl I aint seen in a long
ass time
I said how you doing
what cha doing
Damn you got fine
I dont know about you but
dis its cool to fuck
actually it being night
my whole life its cool to fuck
???? brand it and sand it
plan b so let get
let me hit it
(take this)
fucking right he did
lets start this
Im still heartless
dont fall in love
I think you heard
got baby
like record label drop artist
I think that shit love better somtin nice
lil preppie chick
but I still wanna wrap
bets night than a hug
Im bout to get
as a motha fucka
guard tha sets and get it
come back now roll it fat and let me hit(pass the weed)

Chorus x12


Let me hit
Let get it
turn around give it to
already know what I want
Fuck all that beat around tha bush
make up yo mind
Bitch do what you dont
9 times out of 10
them jackers sit here
probally you dont
id rather pull a bitch drows to the side and smell here funky
pussy stunk

Lyric Let Me Hit It – Silkk The Shocker