Let’s Do It Right – Soul Decision

Cause there’s something you should know
I’ve been waiting, oh so long
For this chance to come along
My minds made up, my heart is fore sure
Trust me to love you forever more
And stay by your side for the rest of my life
Lets’ do it right
Just you and I
We’ll spend forever together
We’re starting tonight
And it’s true, when I say I do
I want you all to myself
Don’t want anyone else but you
Take my hand, don’t be afraid
I won’t let anybody hurt you ever again
And in time we’ll touch the sky
For I realize our dreams are starting to fly
When you’re all that I am
And you’re all that I need
Beside me forever you’re all that I see
I can’t live without you
I’m down on my knee

Lyric Let’s Do It Right – Soul Decision