Let’s Get Dirty – Redman

Time to put down the Cristal, time to take off the ice for a minute
Time to throw a little mud in this motherfucker..

{*barking*} Turn me up some
{*more barking} Yo

[Red imitates an old woman]
Ohh shit! Who those motherfuckers comin in here?
No, it can’t be! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Yo.. yo, gimme some room I’m throwin elbows
Timberland boots, Air Force and shell-toes, who the fuck is them?
If I gotta pay to get in the club
I’ma go pop the trunk and turn the street volume up to ten
I ain’t on the guest list, I ain’t V. I. P.
I snuck in the exit, learned to D-I-P
My dress code is all black when I’m makin the moves
Similar to the new Playstation 2
I can’t help it if the club only packin a G
And the fire marshal wanna shut it down in 3
And you ballin ass niggaz, whose dressed to kill
for the hoes showin the toes with extra heels (man!)
I gotta get in, I drove here
with a carLOAD of bitches charged on Belvedere
My niggaz hit the cells if the line is thick
So I drive the 500, through the door of the bitch

[DJ Kool]
Yo Red, wassup man?
Aiy they ain’t tryin to let you in the club!
Yo, DJ Kool to the rescue!
We gon’ break this joint down!
Aiyyo.. a-huh, a-huh, ahh!

[Chorus: DJ Kool + Redman]
If you pumpin this one in your truck (let’s get dirty)
Say let’s get dirty (l-let’s get dirty)
If you really don’t give a WHAT? (l-let’s get dirty)
Say let’s get dirty (l-let’s get dirty)
Everybody get your hands up (l-let’s get dirty)
Say let’s get dirty (l-let’s get dirty)
If you ain’t come to party SHUT UP! (l-let’s get dirty)
Say let’s get dirty..

Yo, security pattin my legs and waist
but if I vacate the place, it’ll be {*gunfire, “;stay down!”;*}
All my niggaz in the huddle, on the count of three
we gonna bumrush The Tunnel, with a pound of weed
Cut the light on, you see it’s Brick City in here
Blazin like Biggie passed us a semi in here
Don’t sleep, stay wide awoke
You dialed Doc, not dial-a-joke
Crawl or you’ll die in smoke
I keep it heated when the hawk is out
Seated low Tahoe, beat it when the dark is out
I’m outside of the line and I’m actin a fool
like a three o’clock bully, waitin after school
(Punks!) I’ve been in this line for hours
I even killed the time by helpin my man pass out fliers
Now all I wanna do is get in where I fit in
Shake my ass with the baddest pidgeon with her wig in
Shake that ass stank, the fuck you think?
Poppa Bear at the table, and the porridge is pourin
Since +Def+ is the label I belong in a morgue!
I’m walkin half-dead, actin senile
with bigga niggaz from jail than the one on “;Green Mile”;
I’ll huff and puff, blow the club down
I’ll snuff a duck, I’m headed Uptown

[DJ Kool]
Yeah that’s right! We up in this joint now
Aiyyo we gettin ready to take over
Freddie, you grab the mic, I’ma grab the turntables
We gon’ rock this joint baby! – a-huh, a-huh, ahh!

[Chorus: DJ Kool + Redman]

Lyric Let’s Get Dirty – Redman