Letters From Earth (alternative Version) – Black Sabbath

And I’m in the middle
Caught in the in-between

I don’t belong here
So I’m writing to you
They never understand
So I’m sending you some

Letters from earth, yeah

It’s a new world
And now I’m a stranger
Stranger than you know

I don’t belong here
And I’m writing to you
With blood on my hands

What if I send you madness?
What if I send you pain
And letters from earth?
Oh all right

I see through the masquerade
The secret faces that lie behind the smile
They can make the water taste just like the wine
Come on it’s another game
And we gotta play on
They say it’s just pretend
But did you ever ask them why
The game is called the end?

I don’t want your money man
I just want a part of you
I can hear your voice again
It seems to belong in my brain

I don’t want your pity no
I just want the heart out of you

Lyric Letters From Earth (alternative Version) – Black Sabbath