Life Can Be So Nice – Prince

Scrambled eggs, are so boring, 4 u’re all, all that I want 2 know
Kisses never lie when delivered with milk from your lips
Morning glories never cry. My love for u, baby, drips

Life can be so nice. It’s a wonderful world, sweet paradise (paradise)
Kiss me once, kiss me twice. Life can be so nice. So nice

Life can be so nice

No one plays the clarinet the way u play my heart
I come a thousand different ways before I even start
U’re so nice

Shivering madly… (Shivering madly in your embrace,)
Your embrace (is it better than a trip?)
Better than a trip (Morning glories never cry)
(My love is just a drippin’)
Morning glories crying (Scrambled eggs are boring)
embrace (mama, u’re all I want 2 know)
I do love u baby, (This morning there was joy in my heart)
u baby (’cause u know I loved u so. yeah)


Lyric Life Can Be So Nice – Prince