Performer LIL BOOSIE

Zoom – Lil Boosie

[talkin intro] Lil Boosie bad ass Yung Joc we got a hit lets go baby [Chorus] Everybody like Zoom zoom […]

Set It Off – Lil Boosie

U want some gangstas front yo muthafuckin house? We’ll set this bitch off, yeah set this bitch off We’ll set […]

My Struggle – Lil Boosie

Boosie boo!! Boosie boo, nigga!! And I be like the best nigga at this shit right now, word for word, […]

Exciting – Lil Boosie

This Boosie Bad Azz and lemme tell you somethin, when I was 16 0r 17 my mama looked at me […]

Hatin’ – Lil Boosie

Lil boosie bad azz (lil boosie bad azz) An I wanna know tonite Y dey hatin on me? Shh. Ima […]

Fuck You – Lil Boosie

[Intro:] Fuck You [repeat through intro] Waz sup Waz happenin This Weebie Trill young savage aka Lil Baton Rouge howeva […]

Movies – Lil Boosie

I thank these niggas scared of me (its cool though) nigga bump my shit see dont even holla. I bump […]