Performer LIL WAYNE

You Want War – Lil Wayne

Aw aw Aw aw! Aw aw!! Peep me out, look! Head bustin’, black fatigues So blunted, 400 degreez, it’s sweet […]

Let’s Go – Lil Wayne

You hot? F**k it. Hot as a firecracker. (It’s gravy too.) I got a mac in this bag. (click clock) […]

Get Over – Lil Wayne

Chorus: oh, though im missin you, i know im missin you, i find a way to get through, i know […]

Everything – Lil Wayne

I know, I know, Weezy Wee, this dedicated to my father Damn nigga, y’all excuse the expressions What it be […]

Phone Home – Lil Wayne

(Greetings from Planet Weezy) (We will begin Transmission in) (5,4,3,2,1) [Hook] 4x Phone Home Weezy And if you feel like […]

Young Playa – Lil Wayne

He he hee I’m a young playa nigga, (what) I get the game from the big tymers, nigga (what, what) […]

Fly Out – Lil Wayne

We here, I said we here, the back of Tha Carter, the back of Tha Carter, heheh, II. Ughh! Yeah! […]

Bring It Back – Lil Wayne

Ladies and gentlemen, People with jobs, People without jobs, Middle class, Upper class, High class, all dat, Cats, snakes, chickens, […]

Tha Heat – Lil Wayne

F**k with me, you know what it is [Hook 2x] I shoot your arm, leg, leg, arm, head The heater […]

Feel Me – Lil Wayne

So Lil’ Wayne, what’s your motivation? [Lil Wayne] Is that really a question? (Yeah shorty) Do you really have that […]

Receipt – Lil Wayne

ye ye It’s kinda hard sayin this shit to ya face So I do it over snares and bass Music […]

Lights Off – Lil Wayne

Cut the lights off nigga (Cut ’em off) You know what time it is (What) You know what time it […]

Got Money – Lil Wayne

I need a Winn-Dixie Grocery bag full of money Right now to the VIP section (wosh, wosh, wosh) You got […]

Don’t Die – Lil Wayne

Check me out man..Yeah [Lil Wayne] Original gangsta, black clothes and bangers Bullet shells and chambers, fill the L’s up […]

Gangsta Shit – Lil Wayne

Uh-oh, uh-oh You know how we do it Weezy and Petey, baby Ya’know This here is 500 Degreez Holla at […]

Oh No – Lil Wayne

Yea I play the bullshit from the backseat, champ yea im in the backseat, still got the seat back feet […]

Earthquake – Lil Wayne

(Speak to ’em Jazze) I (Yea fly guy) I’m way more fly than you (That’s right) I’ll take your dime […]

A Milli – Lil Wayne

Ya Dig A millionaire, I’m a young money millionaire Tougher than Nigerian hair My criteria compared to your career this […]

Kurupt – Lil Wayne

We won, we won And then we shot that BB gun And they lost, and they lost cause we took […]

Dr. Carter – Lil Wayne

Where’s my coffee? Good Morning Doctor Carter (Hey Sweetie) Looks like its going to be a long day. (Ahh another […]

Rider – Lil Wayne

WHO WEE Young Weezy Baby Awwoooo [Chorus:] I won’t deny it I’m a xxxxxxx rider You don’t want to xxxx […]

President – Lil Wayne

And who i be? Weezy Baby, and honey please, say the baby, and I got em on they knees, saying […]

Fuck You – Lil Wayne

Who that, Weezy Bitch Like Sigel, you f**kin with the young don, people Plus I’m tryna make a son, he […]

Weezy Baby – Lil Wayne

The guitar’s cryin right now Just a couple things goin on in my life, you know [Verse 1] Brim leanin, […]

Dipset – Lil Wayne

Cut the music up in the phones Drew My hair is blockin’ it [Laughs] My shit growin’ like my money….Hah […]

Mr. Carter – Lil Wayne

Yo This right her is crazy I feel big ya’no not big in the sense of weight Ya’no wat I […]

Bm J. r. – Lil Wayne

Yea shorty, you know what I’m talkin bout’ I peep these niggaz out here they slippin like they ain’t bout […]

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