Performer LIL WAYNE

Look At Me – Lil Wayne

Bright thing on my hand saying (Look at me) I got your girl doing a handstand (Look at me) Cop […]

Zoo – Lil Wayne

1,7 In Ya Face, Mack Maine U My Nigga, Cash Money Wassup Check Me Out [Verse:] Young Money Mu’tha Fukka […]

High – Lil Wayne

Cash Money, Young Money, haha, Weezy Wee, where ya at wit’ it daddy? Shit, please believe it [Lil Wayne] We […]

Brand New – Lil Wayne

UH HUH [Chorus:] Ridin’ ’round the city with some brand new heat Brand new car, brand new feet Brand new […]

Shooter – Lil Wayne

Yea, yea, yea Weezy baby y’all, don’t get shot Rappin’ fire, what you know about it I brought my homie […]

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