Performer LIL WYTE

2 Door Cutlass – Lil Wyte

looking like a bag of skittles that will make you wan’t to faint eyes cocked ass drop when pulled up […]

Suicide – Lil Wyte

Memphis Style Homocidal, Werd! [Verse 1:] Man Im Bout To Kill Me A Motherfucker, Any Kind Of Mother Fucker, Step […]

Look Like You – Lil Wyte

[echoing] GOD [echoing] man it sound like I hear someone screaming [echoing] what the fuck [echoing] man I’m sooo fucked […]

Crash Da Club (Remix) – Lil Wyte

…ah yeah Hypnotize Minds, wassup Lil’ Wyte featuring Juvenile Crash the mothafuckin’ club, the REMIX!! – and its goin’ down […]

I Did ‘Em Wrong – Lil Wyte

Watsup Bitch, Watsup Hoe Watsup Bitch, Watsup Hoe [Chorus] If you a killer motherfucker, bring your anna to my door […]

Good Dope – Lil Wyte

(sniff sniff) Don’t be fuckin wit these killers on that good dope (sniff sniff) Don’t be fuckin wit these killers […]

In Here – Lil Wyte

I’m the drunkest (what) Highest (what) Crunkest (what) Toughest (what) Buckest (what) Roughest (what) Motherfucker in here The rawest (what) […]

Bay Area – Lil Wyte

bay area it is da hood of da brave bay area none my boys are afraid bay area we got […]

Acid – Lil Wyte

Well I been trippin’ for 10 hours on 3 hits of liquid microdot (I’m on acid – acid) Gettin’ chased […]

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