Figure.09 – Linkin Park

Sometimes I wonder why this is happenin’ It’s like nothin’ I can do would distract me when I think of […]

Bleed It Out – Linkin Park

Hand grenade pins in every line Throw ’em up and let something shine Going out of my fucking mind Filthy […]

Izzo / In The End – Linkin Park

Ladies and gentlemen, put our hands together for the astonishing… Yeah… [Mike] Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the eighth wonder […]

Papercut – Linkin Park

Something in here’s not right today. Why am I so uptight today? Paranoia’s all I got left I don’t know […]

Step Up – Linkin Park

Everyday reminded how much I hate it Weighted against the consequences Can’t live without it so it’s senseless Wanna cut […]

PPr:Kut – Linkin Park

Something in here’s not right today Why I am so uptight today Paranoia’s all I got left I don’t know […]

In The End – Linkin Park

One thing, i don’t know why It doesn’t even matter how hard you try Keep that in mind I designed […]

High Voltage – Linkin Park

Chorus: repeat 2X It’s high voltage you can’t shake the shock Because nobody wants it to stop, check it out […]

Crawling – Linkin Park

These wounds they will not heal Fear is how i fall Confusing what is real There’s something inside me that […]

Runaway – Linkin Park

Under a sky of dust A constant wave of tension On top of broken trust The lessons that you taught […]

And one – Linkin Park

Disjointed heart I’ve got no commitment To my own flesh and blood Left all alone Far from my home No […]

1stp Klosr – Linkin Park

I’m about to break I need a little room to breathe ‘Cause I’m one step closer to the edge And […]

With You – Linkin Park

To the cold of the static and put my cold feet on the floor Forgot all about yesterday Remembering i’m […]

H! Vltg3 – Linkin Park

Hybrid I’ve been digging into crates Ever since I was living in space Before the ratrace Before monkeys had human […]

Faint – Linkin Park

Hear me out now Right now You’re gonna listen to me, like it or not Hear me out now No […]

In Between – Linkin Park

Let me apologize for what I’m about to say But trying to be genuine was harder than it seemed And […]

Frgt/10 – Linkin Park

A manner of matter that splits with the words I breathe And as the rain drips acidic questions around me […]

By Myself – Linkin Park

Do I follow my instincts blindly? Do I hide my pride from these bad dreams? And give in to sad […]