Forgotten – Linkin Park

Bottom to top i stop At the core i’ve forgotten In the middle of my thoughts Taken far from my […]

Rnw@y – Linkin Park

I don’t think you all ready Graffiti decorations under a sky of gray This constant apprehension still giving me away […]

Krwlng – Linkin Park

Crawling in my skin! [Without a sense of confidence,] Consuming, confusing. Crawling in my skin! [Without a sense of confidence, […]

Don’t Stay – Linkin Park

Sometimes I need you to stay away from me Sometimes I’m in disbelief, I didn’t know Somehow I need you […]

Given Up – Linkin Park

Wake in a sweat again Another day’s been laid to waste In my disgrace Stuck in my head again Feels […]

Numb – Linkin Park

Feeling so faithless lost under the surface Don’t know what you’re expecting of me Put under the pressure of walking […]

In Pieces – Linkin Park

But hands beg me to stay Your lips say that you love Your eyes say that you hate There’s truth […]

Easier To Run – Linkin Park

Replacing this pain with something numb It’s so much easier to go Than face this pain here all alone Something […]

No More Sorrow – Linkin Park

Do you tell yourself I don’t realize Your crusade’s a disguise Replace freedom with fear you trade money for lives […]

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