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Play Some Rock – Liquido

reaching for the scenes reminded by the songs that will never disappear random like the infants outdated like the old lying there in aimlessness listening to the cure doing some rehearsal exercising in the cold lowering the standarts for the six-string never rolled whistling at the girls and saving for the fuel making plans and […]

Wake Me Up – Liquido

wake me up when you’re around wake me up a thousand times wake me up somehow Coucher coucher. l will lay me down l will call you back and then we’ll talk again In my dreams l dwell asleep – there is no au revoir l do believe l hear you say “je veux te […]

Doubledecker – Liquido

maybe iґm so confused take my chance and do my best better then the whole rest never change itґs just too late we canґt be friends well think again now i will realize my plan doing what i can never gonna chance never gonna chance fix me right and then weґll see whatґs coming on […]