Performer LISA LOEB

How – Lisa Loeb

For you to make this hard for me And now you want to ask me “How?” It’s like how does […]

Furious Rose – Lisa Loeb

But it’s pretty” he said As he raises his voice She lowers her head “It makes my heart heavy You’re […]

Jake – Lisa Loeb

Away from here Away from you, Jake And the whole you sunk me into I wish that I could belong […]

I Do – Lisa Loeb

Then I’m done with you When I’m done with crying Then I’m done with you When I feel so tired […]

Truthfully – Lisa Loeb

But I know that I believe that I’ve found what’s true That I’ve found what’s you Truthfully I I’m finding […]

This – Lisa Loeb

This is where I can tell you everything This is where I meet my muse And it feeds me This […]

Falling In Love – Lisa Loeb

She was shootin’ ’em down She was tramping around He walked in crooked With the clear blue eyes “There’s a […]