From This Dream – Little Big Town

From this dream that I’m in If I should wake up I’m afraid it’ll end When I’m with you Dreams come true Life is full and so onthralling I feel like I’m flying, falling I don’t want to wake up… From this dream Lying beside you Time standing still Angels surrounded us And I pray […]

Don’t Waste My Time – Little Big Town

It only made me cry I felt so sure I never questioned why Till I woke up alone That’s why I have to ask you Baby what’s behind your kiss I need to know your heart’s in this I’m waiting for the kind of love That is strong enough To walk through anything So don’t […]

Boondocks – Little Big Town

I feel no shame I’m proud of where I came from I was born and raised in the boondocks One thing I know No matter where I go I keep my heart and soul in the boondocks And I can feel that Muddy water running through my veins And I can hear that Lullaby of […]

Good As Gone – Little Big Town

Runnin’ up and down my spine It seems to say we’re just wasting time It’s like a bad movie One I wish I’d never seen The plot gets old Do you know what I mean? Don’t try to tell me it ain’t what it is I’m good (I’m good at seein’ the signs) I’m good […]

Live with Lonesome – Little Big Town

Such a lonely sound it makes When it’s gone there is silence You can hear the sound of my heart break See these arms, now they’re empty ‘Cause they used to hold on to you I said I’d never let go But somehow you slipped on through Now I know that’s how love goes When […]

Looking for a Reason – Little Big Town

Lookin’ for to make some sense out of nothin’ Lookin’ for the hunger to hang on Lookin’for to know if you’re really worth it Lookin’ for a reason not to be gone Your signs are fadin’, baby I can’t read ’em anymore Can’t you see where I’m standin’, baby I got one foot out the […]

Stay – Little Big Town

What will I do when I turn and reach for you I lay my tears on the windowsill I’ll only cry ’til I get over you But how long will it take me Won’t you save me Stay just a little bit longer ‘Til I’m a little bit stronger to take all this and Stay […]