Little Bit O’soul – Ramones

And the fish won’t bite
you need a little bit o’soul
To put you’re right
you’re gotta make like you
Wanna kneel and pray
And then a little bit o’soul
Will come your way

Now when you’re girl has gone
And you’re broke in two
You need a little bit o’soul
To see you through
And you rase the roof
With your rock and roll
You’ll get a lot more kicks
With a little bit o’soul

And if you’re party falls
‘Cause there’s nobody groovin’
A little bit o’soul and
It really starts movin’ yeah!
Now when you’re in a mess
And you feel like cryin’
Just remember this little
song of mine
And as you walk through life

Lyric Little Bit O’soul – Ramones