Performer LIVE

Waterboy – Live

Whose god is in the T. V. And what do you say to the man who blames the world on […]

Voodoo Lady – Live

And calm the fuck down You got a serious side to you That could give the whole world a frown […]

Stage – Live

I wanna try I wanna rock in the city tonight I wanna deal don’t wanna die I wanna bring my […]

Lightning Crashes – Live

her placenta falls to the floor the angel opens her eyes the confusion sets in before the doctor can even […]

Sun – Live

Let the dreams unfurl Let it run it’s own game Let it dance with itself I didn’t put it here […]

Ghost – Live

everybody has a ghost who sings like you do yours is not like mine but it’s alright, keep it up […]

Century – Live

puke stinks like beer this could be a city this could be a graveyard you stole my idea you stole […]

Century – Live

puke stinks like beer this could be a city this could be a graveyard you stole my idea you stole […]

I Alone – Live

and measure these things by your brains I sank into eden with you alone in the church by and by […]

Sparkle – Live

My friends today And those who Recognize the face As the vision that changed my mind From hate to faith […]

They Stood Up For Love – Live

Electric nerves communicate With tiny explosions through our brains Who is this energy that never left or came? Give rise […]

Top – Live

what you are doing here in the name of god and love it’s the distribution of fear pyramids, healing wires, […]

Graze – Live

we came to the earth to graze no shortcuts to the face, this means you a child gives you his […]

Run To The Water – Live

Oh woman of the earth Maker of children who weap for love Maker of this birth ’til your deepest secrets […]

Freaks – Live

will you run and tell geraldo if the mother bears your children without tears without the usual costs of labor […]

Where Fishes Go – Live

And he was absolutely nothin’ like me He showed me up like some dime-store hooker Who was plain to see […]

Pillar Of Davidson – Live

are not machines that can only make money past, perfect, tense words for a feeling and all I’ve discovered I’ll […]

Meltdown – Live

These jaws of kali yuga Yeah it’s a crazy kind of cold A lifeless slumber in a stranglehold Yeah tibet, […]

The Distance – Live

Let him find his lucky penny Let him put it in his pocket And shake it all around I’ve been […]

Merica – Live

she was ready to explode i could not see her from up here cuz she was lyin’ in the road […]

Mirror Song – Live

And think about Helping out And think about living But I can’t seem to rescue myself What about my bank […]

T. B. D. – Live

and I was reachin’ forward, I was already there readin’ too much and losin’ my head this information caused a […]

Heropsychodreamer – Live

i turn the other cheek during the day i’ll kill you all the subculture of my dreams is waiting for […]