Night Light – Living Death

And deep in the night when I turned out the light She came near and nearer, and in my dreams I see her But she didn’t know, she thinks it was my show… My show, and she thinks it was my show I whispered in her ear that she don’t have to fear I try […]

Riding A Virgin – Living Death

Which found her first love in me… Saw her on the street, she was what I need She looked so fine, she must me mine Six pm she hears me say that I will love her everyday She was the best, what I’ve seen In my dreams she was the Queen Some good time ago, […]

You And Me – Living Death

I want to try up, but you made me stop I read in every letter that you were a slattern And I’m not slight, I hold, hold you tight When you’re skulking, you planned a bad thing And in you eyes I see the lies Take some advice before you pay the price And your […]

It’s Your Last Birthday – Living Death

A bunch of school friends entered his home Mummy still laughed as they started to celebrate And then she left’em alone In the middle of the mountain of presents they gave to him Stood a nice fancy care With sweet sugar towers, and funny coloured flowers Their eye’s reveal expectation And he did the first […]

Down – Living Death

You looked like a girl that never will fall You smiled a sweet smile as I touch your hand Never throught about you will drive me mad You – gimme what you got to give You – bring me into seventh heaven I – follow you you and I believe I – got to beat […]