Performer LLOYD

Mr. Warner – Lloyd

But I guess I will just accept the risk Please forgive me for my candidness But you’re the one who […]

Feelin You – Lloyd

I feel so cool hey Hmm yeh [Verse 1] Said I’m rolling down the Ave with a bunch of cash […]

Human – Lloyd

Would you ask me to try and explain how aeronautics made me fly? If I were just a mouse in […]

Streetlove – Lloyd

We come from two different worlds’ girl I know, but just cuz I’m hood, It don’t mean that im out […]

Certified – Lloyd

[Verse 1:] Im Lovin How You Twerk, Im Lovin How You Do, Im Lovin What You Own, Im So Gone […]

Sweet Dreams – Lloyd

La, la, la, la, la, la, la (yeah) La, la, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, (A-town) […]

Feels So Right – Lloyd

Hey Ohhhh oh yeah Ummm umm Look [Verse 1:] Oh miss lady These sexual thoughts keep rushing through my mind […]

Killing Me – Lloyd

Am I being pulled from across the room I can feel her watchin me But I’m playing cool, me and […]

You – Lloyd

[Lil Wayne] Its major move right here baby You gotta get wit it or get lost (Ya understand?) [Lloyd] (Yea) […]

Incredible – Lloyd

I can’t see how anyone could ignore ya Girl you got my mind going outta me Girl _ I’ll do […]

I’m A G – Lloyd

[Verse 1:] Now see it was Monday afternoon Very first day of school Back of the class makin’ girls laugh […]

Trance – Lloyd

I know it’s hot cuz my guru really likes it, ain’t no replacement it’s hot up in da basement See […]

Valentine – Lloyd

[Verse 1:] Hair Brush From A Touch Mah Emotions Errupt, Realize That Im Stuck Trapped Inside Of Her Seduction Losin […]

Southside – Lloyd

Tell ya daddy stop his hating Cuz I be wearing braids and rockin jerseys daily But that dont mean im […]

Take You Home – Lloyd

Damn girl you just so sexy listen [Chorus:] Damn why you gotta be so fine i just wanna take you […]

I Don’t Mind – Lloyd

Hoooooo, hooooo, hooooo Heyy, heyy, It’s goin’ out to all of the ladies u know You know what time it […]

Get It Shawty – Lloyd

This Is A… j-track Track Man I Guess I Can Let This Woman Slip Away Cause I Got My Eye […]

One For Me – Lloyd

To let you know whats on my mind Shawty i can love you better Promise i won’t waste your time […]

Don’t Wanna Know – Lloyd

With informercials sinkin’ in And I can’t find my remore I won’t accept the terms of this surrender ‘Cause there […]

Hazel – Lloyd

[lloyd:] yeah [Verse 1:] ooh yeah i can remember when i met you you had all of my homies talkin […]

This Way – Lloyd

Come on in I got some incent burning Jus sit down relax I got dis Oh yeah ummmmm [Verse 1] […]

Take It Low – Lloyd

I wish we could have a chance All i need is a chance to really get to know ya girl […]

Hey Young Girl – Lloyd

Hey young girl how you feelin today Girl Yo body just brighten my day up See you have now been […]

Forever Song – Lloyd

They helped ease the pain deep inside her And even though she could not move Her presence lit the universe […]

Hustler – Lloyd

(hustler baby) Oh No (hustler baby) Oh No (hustler baby) Verse 1: Deep in the cut With the chrome on […]

Lloyd (Intro) – Lloyd

You know I, I love the people Cuz the people love me (hahaha) Dats right, this Young Lloyd And Uh, […]

Lloyd (Intro) – Lloyd

You know I, I love the people Cuz the people love me (hahaha) Dats right, this Young Lloyd And Uh, […]

Yesterday – Lloyd

Damn shol aint peachy jus keep ya head up (oh babe) [verse 1:] As I dig deep inside my soul […]

My Life – Lloyd

This is my life yeah [Chorus:] This is my life ohhh This is life baby ohhh this is my life […]