Performer LLOYD

Take You Home – Lloyd

Damn girl you just so sexy listen [Chorus:] Damn why you gotta be so fine i just wanna take you […]

I Don’t Mind – Lloyd

Hoooooo, hooooo, hooooo Heyy, heyy, It’s goin’ out to all of the ladies u know You know what time it […]

Get It Shawty – Lloyd

This Is A… j-track Track Man I Guess I Can Let This Woman Slip Away Cause I Got My Eye […]

One For Me – Lloyd

To let you know whats on my mind Shawty i can love you better Promise i won’t waste your time […]

Don’t Wanna Know – Lloyd

With informercials sinkin’ in And I can’t find my remore I won’t accept the terms of this surrender ‘Cause there […]

Hazel – Lloyd

[lloyd:] yeah [Verse 1:] ooh yeah i can remember when i met you you had all of my homies talkin […]

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