War Of Hate – Lord Belial

Gathered we are, the legions of destruction – who ride under the banner of death over the plain our legions ride towards the battlefields and cries death shall no longer wait, it’s time for a war of hate In our eyes you’ll see furious and raging hate sacrifice and sacrilege you will behold and taste […]

Enter The Moonlight Gate – Lord Belial

I… I am bewitched by the pale silver-moon in the black and ancient skies. Shadows… I am surrounded by mighty shadows – I am embraced by the night! I raise my hands to the black skies as I see the moonlight through the clouds, it shines on me! Moonlight… I am surrounded by a silvery […]

Unholy Spell Of Lilith – Lord Belial

Lilith, come forth to me as I blazon these words … Shem Ham Forash Come forth, I summon thee – come forth and make the angels perish, oh Lilith -They will die crying for their god! Shem… Ham…Forash as I blazoned these words of Lilith the midnight skies opened in front of my eyes from […]

Hymn Of The Ancient Misanthropic Spirit Of The Forest – Lord Belial

Its silvery shine reflects in the water below The night-filled air surrounds me and we two are one I smell it with my tongue, this is how I guard my home This is the hymn of the ancient misanthropic spirit The trees are the audience, they shall forever feed from it No man has entered […]

Bleed On The Cross – Lord Belial

I’ve travelled far and long My power is weak from the paths of pain memories of bloodbaths is all that remains – cause I am one with my sword try to recall the masters voice, the image is so clear but the words have died, he told us all before the battle to fight till […]