Lost In The Twilight Hall – Blind Guardian

the mirror calls my name
it’s showing me the way
into the dark
the bridge appears
I jump into the dark side
and hear the voice it’s cold as ice
“Welcome to reality”
Where am I now?
Darkness surrounds
can’t go forward
can’t go back
Kai: I see planets dying
Hansi: I fall into the light
K: a new universe awakens
H: I’m a Traveler in Time
K: Pray for the light
H: Where’s the key
K: To the gate
H/K: of a new life – no
H: I search for deliverance
K: But I cannot find
(lead Andre)
Ref: Look behind the mirror
I’m lost in the twilight hall
once I’ll be back for a moment in time
that’s when the mirror’s falling down
(lead Andre)
Take me away
from the place I’ve been
to another life
in another world
a sign of life
surrounds me now
the bridge appears in the dark

Lyric Lost In The Twilight Hall – Blind Guardian