Lost World – Count Raven

Me, I don’t at all agree
The facts of life you don’t see
Either truth or reality

Don’t let my words bring you down
Just keep on trying
I just can’t say that you will be free
If I did I’d be lying

Countries, they have all governments
It’s not, how the world was meant
Power, in the hands of fools
They are, all the devil’s tools

Revolution will set you free
But only temporarily
To fight in stages time & time again
Or we face eternal darkness and pain

We are living at the end of time
It’s the worst and best for human kind
Fight to the end that’s our destiny
Until all evil hearts are gone or set free

The lion will lie down with the lamb
That we don not understand
Predator: is not a natural state
Creation bound in eternal hate

You know evil won’t go away
And that it is here to stay

Lyric Lost World – Count Raven