Love Changes – Stevie Nicks

I just couldn’t make you see
That as hard as I tried
To make it all better
It was not better for me

The love that I gave you was…
All around you
There was nothing left for me

But I hate to say it
But I saw it coming
My feelings were changing

I only say what you want to hear
When there is a conflict
I stay clear
When he was loving I was in tears
He knows my fears

I wish I could figure a way around this
She says…like a sad song
I don’t understand the way that I feel
I am terrified of being wrong
Well, I am not happy
And I am not crazy
Are you listening, do you hear
Everything happens for a reason
Stay clear

When love changes in the flash of an eye
It leaves people burnin’ by the side of the road
You stand there, you got nothing to hold
For the first time you are alone
For the first time you are alone

It wasn’t that I didn’t love you
But I just couldn’t make you see

Lyric Love Changes – Stevie Nicks